4/2/2015 12:52am

Column: Dean Smith ensures all will have seat at table

The arc of a life rises, then slopes, then falls, because time is the curvature that ensures nothing is forever. And then there is the exception: the flat line that extends beyond sight, in perpetuity, faithful to its path and resolute in its straight purpose. Dean Smith is the line that flattens the arc.

11/19/2013 4:08pm

	Dean Smith coached at UNC for 36 years and earned 879 wins. He is receiving the Medal of Freedom today.

Medal of Freedom given to Dean Smith

It would be easy to quantify former North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith’s accomplishments in accolades and statistics — 879 wins, two national championships, 13 ACC titles.

1/8/2013 10:20pm

Athletic department releases 3-year plan

Throughout his career, legendary North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith always had six words for his players. Now, decades later, Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham has six similar words for his department — six words that summarize its new strategic plan, which was released today.

7/21/2010 9:26pm

Dean Smith's influence off the court

Three legends of North Carolina basketball are all in accord when it comes to one thing — they wouldn’t be where they are today without Dean Smith. The Hall of Fame basketball coach has “progressive neurocognitive disorder” according to a letter from his family that was released Saturday.

7/17/2010 3:09pm

Family writes letter concerning Dean Smith's health

On Oct. 9, 1997, Dean Smith surprised everyone when he retired as head coach of the North Carolina basketball team. On Saturday, a letter from Smith’s family concerning his health came as no surprise. The legendary coach who led UNC to two national championships and put the University on the map as a basketball school has memory loss at age 79.

7/14/2010 4:51pm

Dean Smith death just a rumor

Associate Athletic Director Steve Kirschner has confirmed that a rumor that former UNC head basketball coach Dean Smith had died was not true. While Smith has been suffering from severe memory loss, the legendary basketball icon is still alive despite what Kirschner called “vicious rumors” being spread through e-mails and twitter today.