Topics: DTH Housing Guide 2016

Word on the Street: What do you like best about on-campus housing?

Most students start out living on campus and have different experiences in different dorms. Staff Writer Ashley Cruz asked students: What did you like best about on-campus housing?

The residence halls of UNC, as told by 'The Office' characters


The hunt for housing has returned. To make the process easier, the characters of “The Office” have each been assigned their UNC residence hall equivalent.

Which UNC housing complex are you?

Whether you realize it or not, where you live says a lot about you. So if UNC housing complexes were students, who would they be?

Student smokers don't get support from RHA but find it for themselves


Students who smoke and live in residence halls have to face an ultimatum: hike up to the quad or keep their cigarettes in the pack.

Luxury student apartments on the rise in Chapel Hill

A growing demand for off-campus student housing has led to an increase in popularity of luxury apartment complexes in Chapel Hill.

To be Frank(lin), you should eat here off campus

Moving off campus is hard, especially when you can’t cope with stress by gorging on dining hall cuisine.

Tips for finding off-campus housing that works for you

It is the time of the year where students have to figure out where they will be living next school year. Students who choose to live off-campus have the option of either living in an apartment or in a house.

Q&A with Interim Fire Marshal Tommy Gregory


Staying safe is a priority for students, but one thing that sometimes gets forgotten is the risk of fire. Staff writer Sara Kiley Watson asked Tommy Gregory, the interim fire marshal for Chapel Hill, about how to keep off-campus houses and apartments safe.

The best roommates in TV history

College is one of the first chances for strangers to become roommates — and roommates to become friends. Here are some of the best roommates in TV history to inspire your housing search.