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Faith Danielle Hedgepeth was a UNC junior found dead in her apartment on the morning of Friday Sept. 7, 2012. She was three weeks shy of her 20th birthday. A biology major, Hedgepeth attended UNC on a Gates Millennium Scholarship. She was from Warrenton and part of the Haliwa-Saponi American Indian Tribe.

The Chapel Hill Police Department is investigating her death as a homicide. Records related to the homicide were sealed every 45 to 60 days until July 2, 2014, when the 911 call and redacted search warrants were released to the public. On Sept. 4, 2014, police released Hedgepeth's autopsy results and the un-redacted search warrants, along with video footage of Hedgepeth's parents asking the public for information.

There is a $40,000 reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest. You can call Crime Stoppers at (919) 942-7515.

Police hope new composite could break Faith Hedgepeth case


It’s been four years since Faith Hedgepeth was found dead in her Chapel Hill apartment, and still the case remains unsolved.

Hedgepeth case reaches 3-year mark unanswered


Sometimes, Roland Hedgepeth goes to Durham and visits the woman who lived below his daughter in her Hawthorne at the View apartment.

Dozens call for justice for Faith Hedgepeth during memorial


It didn’t take much for people to want to be friends with Faith Hedgepeth.

Faith Hedgepeth documents, autopsy unsealed on Friday

Faith Danielle Hedgepeth was a fighter, that much her father knew.

Faith Hedgepeth autopsy: UNC junior beaten to death

Two years after a student was found dead in her off-campus apartment, an autopsy

Chapel Hill Police plead for Faith Hedgepeth information

What scares Connie Hedgepeth most about her daughter’s homicide is the unknown.

Judge unseals 911 call, search warrants from Faith Hedgepeth homicide investigation

On Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Howard Manning ordered to unseal all search warrants and the 911 call related to the homicide of UNC junior Faith Hedgepeth.

Faith Hedgepeth records to stay sealed


The records related to the Faith Hedgepeth homicide weren’t unsealed Wednesday, but members of the media still learned more about the case than they have in the last 18 months.

Hedgepeth records sealed indefinitely

Judge Howard Manning will take some time to review the records sealed in the Faith Hedgepeth homicide.

Video not requested in Hedgepeth homicide case

It’s been 18 months since Faith Hedgepeth was found dead in her off-campus apartment. Police say they are still diligently working to name a killer, but the trickle of information initially released has now slowed to a halt.

Media companies’ case to unseal Hedgepeth records postponed

The hearing for The Daily Tar Heel’s motion to unseal the records related to the homicide of Faith Hedgepeth was postponed to Wednesday to give the Chapel Hill Town Attorney’s office a chance to be there.

Faith Hedgepeth records to be reviewed on March 17

The sealing order will expire today on the records related to the homicide of Faith Hedgepeth. Hedgepeth was a UNC junior when she was found dead in her apartment on Sept. 7, 2012.

Three days after her death, a Durham County Superior Court judge sealed multiple search warrants and a 911 call associated with Hedgepeth’s case.

Media file motion to unseal records for Faith Hedgepeth's homicide

It’s like clockwork. Every 60 days, Durham County District Attorney Leon Stanback asks to have the records associated with Faith Hedgepeth’s case resealed.

Hedgepeth and Shannon cases still unsolved, open after a year


More than a year has passed since two UNC students died at off-campus locations, and police from across the county still haven’t figured out the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

Balloon ceremony honors students who lost lives


Dozens of balloons dotted the sky Tuesday night as people gathered not to mourn, but to celebrate the lives of the nine UNC students who have died in the last year.

Faith Hedgepeth case to get new SBI help


After a yearlong investigation with no suspects named, Chapel Hill police have reached out to the State Bureau of Investigation for more help investigating last year’s homicide of Faith Hedgepeth.

Fundraiser marks Hedgepeth’s birthday

If things were different, Euna Chavis probably would have spent today planning a birthday celebration for her best friend Faith Hedgepeth.

Memorial walk held to remember Faith Hedgepeth


Faith Danielle Hedgepeth had a light, and her family and friends are determined to keep it alive.

Remembering Faith Hedgepeth one year later


One year later, Rolanda Hedgepeth still visits her sister’s grave about four times a week.

Faith Hedgepeth granted sorority honor

This month, members of a Native American sorority on campus unanimously agreed to extend honorary membership to Faith Hedgepeth, a UNC student who was found dead in her off-campus apartment last year.