Topics: Farmers Markets in Chapel Hill and Carrboro

The Carrboro Farmer’s Market has given people the opportunity to buy and sell locally grown products since 1979. It is currently located next to town hall at the Carrboro Town Commons. The vendors must produce all products themselves, and all products must come from within a 50-mile radius of Carrboro.

The town of Chapel Hill also has a farmer’s market, but it is not as old as Carrboro’s. It was founded in 2008 by a nonprofit called Farmers of Orange. It is located outside of University Mall on South Estes Drive. All of the farmers live within a 60-mile radius of Chapel Hill.

Farmers plant seeds for local growth: Orange County farms’ direct-to-consumer sales are part of a national trend


At Cates Corner Farm, owner Jonathan Ray farms land that has been in his family since the mid-1700s.

The Carrboro Farmers' Market celebrates 20 years at Town Commons


The Carrboro Farmers' Market has long occupied a central place in local residents' lives — this year, the market is celebrating 20 years in its current location at Carrboro Town Commons, next to Town Hall.

Farmers' market pilots free compost program

Carrboro residents who might want to compost leftovers from their homes but are unsure how to go about it will soon have a free and easy solution.

Residents will feast at annual Harvest Dinner Thursday night

The Carrboro Farmers’ Market is hosting its fourth annual Harvest Dinner at Carrboro Town Commons Thursday. 

Chefs from 20 nearby restaurants will use locally sourced ingredients to create fresh meals for those who purchased a ticket for $65 ahead of time.

Carrboro farmers market gives credit for kids to buy produce


Not every kid is going to eat Brussels sprouts or mushrooms, but that’s not stopping the Carrboro Farmers' Market from trying to encourage its youngest customers to eat healthy.

Wednesdays at Carrboro Farmers’ Market open for summer


The Carrboro Farmers’ Market is gearing up to start its summer hours and expanded selection of produce in the coming week.

Carrboro Farmers' Market sees perennial support


For long-time shopper Kelly Clark, becoming a Carrboro Farmers’ Market perennial was an easy decision.

Local farmers markets preparing for fall


The leaves might not be red enough, but both Carrboro and Chapel Hill’s Farmers’ Markets are ready to celebrate fall.

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Carrboro Farmers’ Market’s first People’s Peppers event on Sept. 20 will celebrate the wide variety of peppers grown locally.

Beekeeper Marty Hanks thinks honey represents a town’s flavor


“What does your hometown taste like?”

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