9/18/2012 11:54pm

	Time-Out will soon have a food truck. Eddie Williams rings up third-grader Jayla Hines in the restaurant.

Time-Out hopes to bring food truck to campus

UNC students have been snacking on chicken and cheddar biscuits for almost 35 years. Soon, those biscuits will come on wheels. Eddie Williams, owner of both Time-Out Restaurant and Time-Out Sports Bar, said he plans to expand his Chapel Hill-based business to food trucks in coming months.

12/5/2011 4:25pm

UNC debates 'Meatless Mondays' plan

UNC students are trying to save some of the 83 to 100 animals most people consume each year. Eleni Vlachos, a local advocate for veganism who has been using that statistic to education people nationwide, is helping students expand vegan and vegetarian menu items at campus dining halls. If Carolina Dining Services approves a proposal drafted by students, all Mondays would be designated as “Meatless Mondays.” Biology major Brandon Hays presented the student proposal to dining services Monday. The proposal follows a recent national trend to promote veganism and vegetarianism on college campuses, including East Carolina University and Davidson College, said Vlachos, who is also a community relations contractor for Duke Medicine. Vlachos recently traveled to universities around the country to promote her documentary on the benefits of veganism. She said some schools went as far as to eliminate meat entirely from Monday menus. UNC’s proposal would not eliminate meat and animal products from the menu on Mondays, Vlachos said.

11/2/2011 4:26pm

	Juan Tuset, 2011 UNC Global Studies major and Hispanic and Latino/Latina Studies minor, prepares a grocery cart for a family for the month.  Tuset works at the IFC as the new director of Hispanic outreach.  He says he enjoys working for IFC because they are “doing things to mitigate the rigors of poverty,” especially here in the Chapel Hill area.

Working to provide holiday meals for homeless

With Thanksgiving approaching fast, Juan Tuset wants to make sure all Hispanic residents in need receive enough information to register for a holiday meal. And because of his efforts to bring together the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service and the local Hispanic homeless community and in-need Spanish speakers, he might see that goal achieved.

10/30/2011 2:16pm

Homegrown Halloween has hurt the profits of Franklin Street bars

For local business owner Kyle Heath, Halloween used to be the most profitable night of the year — rivaled only by a national championship. But since Chapel Hill implemented Homegrown Halloween in 2008 as an effort to return the Franklin Street Halloween celebration to its community roots, he said profits have declined — and he is concerned this year will continue the trend.

10/26/2011 7:54pm

	Local cupcake store Sugarland displays some of their fall cupcakes

	UNC exercise science student and Sugarland employee, Carley Brown displays some fall cupcakes (from left to right): Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Oktoberfest, and Sweet Potato Praline

Chapel Hill eateries debut various seasonal dishes

As the leaves begin to change color, so do the menus at some of Chapel Hill’s most famous restaurants and coffee shops. Local chefs are whipping up seasonal dishes, using various spices, fruits and vegetables characteristic of the season.