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Letter: ​Fedora is to blame for loss against USC

I read the articles in The Daily Tar Heel and find them a little off in terms of our loss to South Carolina.

Quinshad Davis: The cusp of glory


The first time Quinzettia Posey noticed her son had taken an interest in football, he was just 3 years old.

UNC offensive line continues progression

The road to success has been an uphill climb for the North Carolina offensive line.

UNC cornerback: We need to be 'rude boys' again


With two new defensive coaches in charge, the “rude boys” were in for a rude awakening.

The North Carolina defensive backs, who have maintained the self-appointed moniker since the late 1990s, prided themselves on physical play and dominant defensive coverage.

No weight too heavy for defensive end Junior Gnonkonde


A story? Not here. Not yet, at least. But come in, watch him. Maybe we’re all just a little early.

UNC receivers: The Freak Show


They call themselves Freaks — and the North Carolina receiving corps takes pride in the name.

Tight ends bring versatility to UNC offense


They call themselves “the hybrids.”

A cross between tight end and wide receiver. A group that can bring some flexibility to the North Carolina football team’s offense.

Beleaguered kicking game vows to improve


According to Coach Larry Fedora, junior Nick Weiler is guaranteed to handle kicking duties this season.

Kick-off duty, to be more specific. But that’s where the promises end for the specialists.

Defensive coordinator Gene Chizik comes to UNC after 2-year hiatus


She knew the time would come.

For two years, Jonna Chizik, the wife of new North Carolina defensive coordinator Gene Chizik, cherished every second with her husband and three children, knowing the day would eventually arrive.

UNC offensive lineman Landon Turner takes the road less traveled


As a winter storm rocked parts of northeast Texas, Landon Turner had just one thought on his mind: getting to Chapel Hill.