2017 student body president candidates Maurice Grier (left) and Elizabeth Adkins respond to questions asked by leaders of the Greek Organizations IFC, GAC, NPHC, and the PHC.

Another year, another SBP election: here's what to expect

A new student government election cycle, with new rules and regulations, is starting at Chapel Hill as Elizabeth Adkins’ year in office comes to an end.

Graduate and Professional Student Federation

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation represents graduate and professional students at UNC. The group is an arm of the UNC student government. Graduate and professional students can request travel grants, departmental allocations and other funding through the federation.

It is comprised of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The executive branch is responsible for advocacy for its constituents. The legislative branch disburses graduate student fees, as well as creates legislation. The judicial branch houses the Graduate Honor Court, which hears cases that deal with academic or conduct violations.

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Senators from the different departments listen to the presentation of the different bills before casting their vote. 

GPSF supports UNC as a sanctuary campus

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation senate met for the last meeting of its 47th session of the calendar year on Tuesday to vote on upcoming resolutions. What happened? GPSF senator Anissa Neal tried to enlist support from her fellow members for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center companion training.