Topics: Graduate and Professional Student Federation

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation represents graduate and professional students at UNC. The group is an arm of the UNC student government. Graduate and professional students can request travel grants, departmental allocations and other funding through the federation.

It is comprised of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The executive branch is responsible for advocacy for its constituents. The legislative branch disburses graduate student fees, as well as creates legislation. The judicial branch houses the Graduate Honor Court, which hears cases that deal with academic or conduct violations.

Union victory at Duke sparks momentum for UNC worker's union

“Everyone saw how the university pushed back against their campaign,” Abigail Lee said, referring to the legal battle between Duke and a collection of its Graduate students attempting to unionize. “That hasn't happened here; we hope that doesn't happen here,” she said with a smile.

GPSF meeting hears possibilities for future recreation center

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation met Tuesday night to vote on several constitutional amendments and hosted guest speaker Bill Goa, director of UNC Campus Recreation

Student government prepares for transition after decision to split


Students voted to approve the split in student government to create a new dual structure, but the changes won’t go into place until new members of student government are sworn in on April 4.

GPSF executive positions will be paid positions


A referendum in Thursday’s election will determine whether UNC’s student government will split into an undergraduate council and a graduate council, with a joint council for both groups.

Students will vote to approve new plan for split government in referendum


A referendum on the plan to split student government will appear on the spring general election ballot on March 2.

GPSF heard from 4 of the 6 student body president candidates


The Graduate and Professional Student Federation met on Tuesday to vote on 12 bills and resolutions as well as to hold a 2017 student body elections open forum.

Bradley Opere talks student government split with Board of Trustees

At the Board of Trustees full body meeting, Dwight Stone, chairperson of the board, presented a summary of reports about Chancellor Carol Folt that were presented to UNC-system president Margaret Spellings at a review session in December.

Student Activities Fund Office, Student Fee Audit Committee plan for student government split

The Student Fee Audit Committee discussed how the proposed split in student government will affect the budget and student fees in a meeting with the Student Activities Fund Office Thursday afternoon

GPSF hears about five-year plan for the graduate school at Tuesday meeting

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation met Tuesday for the first time since its split from the undergraduate student government to talk about the new five-year plan for the Graduate School.

Student government will be split into undergraduate and graduate bodies

After months of conflict among students, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Winston Crisp stepped in to resolve the question of a divided student government.

Crisp intervenes: Graduate students will now have their own government

Student governance will be split into two governing bodies — an undergraduate student government and a graduate and professional student government.

Year in Review: GPSF attempted to split from student government

After referendums failed to pass in two elections, administrators are stepping in to resolve tension between the Graduate and Professional Student Federation and student government that has been growing over the past year. 

GPSF supports UNC as a sanctuary campus


The Graduate and Professional Student Federation senate met for the last meeting of its 47th session of the calendar year on Tuesday to vote on upcoming resolutions.

What happened?

GPSF senator Anissa Neal tried to enlist support from her fellow members for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center companion training.

After two failed referendums, GPSF separation decision will go to administration

The Graduate Student and Professional Student Federation still wants to separate from student government soon.

GPSF plans to continue pursuing Two for Two referendum

The Graduate and Professional Student Federation met Tuesday to discuss upcoming programs and changes after the “Two for Two” separation referendum’s failure to pass Friday.

GPSF talks next steps after referendum fails by 41 votes

After two referendums to change the structure of student government failed in Friday’s vote, Dylan Russell, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Federation, said he thinks the two-thirds requirement for GPSF separation is too high

Student Congress, GPSF leaders spar before vote on separation


Today, the student body will vote to decide whether student government and the Graduate and Professional Student Federation will become two separate entities at UNC.

Word on the Street: How will you be voting in Friday's referendum?

Today, students will vote for the second time in 2016 on whether or not to separate the Graduate and Professional Student Federation from the undergraduate student government.

GPSF asks for changes to ballot one week before vote on separation


The student body will vote on Friday to decide whether student government and the Graduate and Professional Student Federation will split and become two separate forms of student governance at UNC. 

GPSF continues to seek separation from student government


During the Graduate and Professional Student Federation meeting Tuesday, several bills were passed concerning amendments in the constitution. The main discussion was about the steps needed to separate the GPSF from Student Congress.