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The highly-controversial Greenbridge development opened in mid-2010 and was designed by William McDonough and Partners. The development, two towers with 10- and 7-stories of condominiums, also offers mixed-use commerical space on the ground and second floors of each tower. Total there are 100 condominium units and more than 25,000 square feet of retail space available.

The entire development has been billed by its developers and the Chapel Hill Town Council as the ‘most environmentally sustainable’ structure in the state. The building is energy efficient and environmentally sustainable and will be the first development in North Carolina to receive gold certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard, a national standard for energy-efficient, environmentally conscious architecture. The site’s developers, Greenbridge Developments, are selling the condos for upwards of $500,000, with the top floors of each tower offered at more than $1 million. After a two-year sale freeze, Greenbridge reopened in 2012.

The site’s close proximity to the town of Carrboro and the traditionally black Northside neighborhood of Chapel Hill has led detractors to question the long-term effects of gentrification in the wider Chapel Hill community. Despite the developer’s promise to set aside 15% of the site for affordable housing units, the high prices have led many in the Northside community to express concern over a possible tax-increase in the area. Additionally, the height of the development and the noise of construction have led to further complaints.

Chapel Hill solar energy initiative launches

The future of alternative energy in Chapel Hill is getting brighter. 

Former Greenbridge investor Tim Toben now operates a tea house and farm


Finding Tim Toben on his farm takes some time. First you stop at a construction site, where a builder is putting the finishing touches on Toben’s newest project, a tea house.

Greenbridge resumes sales with lower prices

Greenbridge Condominiums, the 10-story West Rosemary Street development, relaunched sales efforts in August after foreclosure and a change of ownership led to a two-year sales freeze.

Greenbridge Condominiums reopen after 2-year sales freeze

Greenbridge Condominiums is back in business. After a two-year sales freeze, units in the 10-story Rosemary Street mixed-use development are back up for sale.

Chapel Hill’s Greenbridge development sold to new owners

Greenbridge has sat mostly empty and mired in financial troubles since April, when Bank of America started the development’s foreclosure process.

Upcoming Greenbridge foreclosure could hurt LIGHT gallery


The LIGHT Art and Design shop, located in the bottom of Greenbridge Developments, could face problems when the luxury condominiums are foreclosed upon in November. But the gallery owners said they have no plans to move right now.

Greenbridge foreclosure delayed for the second time in four months

Greenbridge faced foreclosure sale today for the second time in four months — but Bank of America has again postponed the date to give developers more time to repay debts. Tim Toben, one of the development’s partners, said he received a letter from the bank telling him that the sale had been delayed until Nov. 7.

Greenbridge to foreclose Sept. 22


Greenbridge faces a foreclosure sale Sept. 22 for the second time this year, just months after its bank delayed a June 27 sale date.

Town officials say the developers’ poor relationship with their bank and the national economic downturn — not Chapel Hill’s business environment — caused Greenbridge’s troubles.

Deceased art professor’s legacy lives on through his work


At LIGHT Art Design, Lucky Strike cigarettes and red Bibles embossed with gold crosses decorate the walls.

Protests continue at Greenbridge over Northside gentrification


Controversy surrounding Greenbridge Developments continued Saturday evening when about 15 area residents stood in nonviolent protest against the condominiums.

Greenbridge sees riot, gets foreclosure postponed


After months of opposition and financial uncertainty, animosity towards Greenbridge Developments climaxed Saturday morning when a riot left three in handcuffs.

Former professor's art on display in Greenbridge


On Friday, the works of former UNC associate professor Kimowan Metchewais were put on display in the Greenbridge Developments building.

Greenbridge may foreclose


Greenbridge, the 10-story Rosemary Street development that opened last fall, faces the threat of foreclosure by its bank. The (Raleigh) News & Observer reported Friday that the Greenbridge development could foreclose after Bank of America refused to pay $1.6 million in invoices on the project in October.

Greenbridge development fills less than half its units


With fewer than half of its 97 residential apartments filled, Greenbridge Developments has struggled to find its niche in Chapel Hill real estate and the surrounding low-income neighborhood since it opened in October.

Greenbridge development raises concerns


James Richardson has lived in Northside neighborhood for five years and has seen the impacts of a newly constructed development in the area — Greenbridge.

Greenbridge installs solar panels to heat water


By today’s end, Greenbridge will be one step closer to achieving its environmentally friendly claim.

Greenbridge, a two-building development property on West Rosemary Street, began the installation of 45 solar panels on the roof of its 10-story East Building.

Greenbridge all-clear after bomb threat


Streets are clear after a bomb threat targeted Greenbridge Development around 7 a.m. Thursday.

The caller said the bomb was in the Greenbridge development at 400 W. Rosemary St. Police performed a sweep of the building and did not find one.

Funeral home neighboring Greenbridge fights to live


A metal fence is all that divides a small funeral home on North Graham Street from the Greenbridge construction site.

It was also the first official notification Knotts Funeral Home received of Greenbridge’s construction, said Michael Parker, the funeral home branch’s manager.

“They didn’t let us know anything until they started coming in and putting up a fence,” he said.

Greenbridge walls, property vandalized


An already controversial plot of land has taken another shot this weekend — this time from vandals.

Damages to the Greenbridge development totaled about $11,000 after it was spray-painted in several areas Saturday night, including 14 concrete columns, 21 walls, five doors and a fork lift, according to Chapel Hill police reports.

Greenbridge leases more than half its units


A glance west down Rosemary Street confirms the progress of a controversial 10-story development among low-slung businesses and homes.

Future occupants
have purchased more than half of the units set to be built in the skeleton framework of the Greenbridge development.