11/1/2017 8:44pm

Universities move to make on-campus jobs more applicable for students

Clemson University is one of several colleges developing programs that change the nature of on-campus employment. Clemson’s University Professional Internship/Co-op Program matches students who apply with on-campus jobs directly related to their majors, Troy Nunamaker, Clemson's director of internship programs, said.

10/10/2017 11:26pm


Who gets on the UNC-system Board of Governors?

 The UNC-system Board of Governors faced scrutiny after a system-wide ban on litigation — forcing the UNC Center for Civil rights to cease taking real legal cases. While the Board itself is known across campuses, the process through which people get on the board might be less known. 

10/10/2017 8:32pm

family success alliance.png

Family Success Alliance aims to close the achievement gap

The opportunity gap in schools can begin as soon as kindergarten. Children below the poverty line are placed at a distinct disadvantage upon the start of their educational career. The Family Success Alliance  is an organization that that is dedicated to closing that gap and building wealth in Orange County Communities.