Honor system

The Honor System at UNC is made up of three branches: An honor court, a student attorney general’s staff and an outreach wing.

The attorney general and their staff are responsible for maintaining the schedule of the court. It is up to the attorney general to determine whether a complaint against a student merits a case. The attorney general assigns members of their staff to defend and prosecute students accused of violating the Honor Code.

The honor system outreach staff is responsible for teaching students about the honor system and code. They conduct seminars during orientation and host a week of honor system activities during October.

UNC has one of the country’s only completely student-run honor systems. The Honor Code contains provisions related to academic conduct, including plagiarism and academic dishonesty, as well as disciplinary violations such as drunken driving. The committee on student conduct makes changes to the code. In 2012, it was decided that the honor system would no longer be in charge of sexual assault cases.

The chancellor appoints three members of the committee. The chairman of the Faculty Council also appoints three faculty members. The student body president appoints four undergraduate student members, and the Graduate and Professional Student Federation President appoints two representative members.

The undergraduate student attorney general, undergraduate Honor Court chairwoman, the graduate student attorney general, the graduate Honor Court chair, honor system outreach coordinator and the assistant dean for judicial programs represent their respective organizations as ex-officio members.

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Q&A with Honor Court Chairperson Will Almquist

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Less than a month after four football players were sent to the student attorney general for being accused of assaulting redshirt freshman wide receiver Jackson Boyer during training camp, the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group reviewed the Department of Athletics’ procedures for interacting with the Honor Court. 

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ånna Sturkey, the student attorney general for the Honor Court this year, said she knows there are a lot of eyes on the honor system. The Honor Court and system as a whole has made many headlines throughout the past few years, especially regarding its procedure when handling sexual assault cases.