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Looking back on Cooper's first 100 days in office


Between controversial HB2 and budget negotiations, N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper rounded out his first 100 days in office April 10.

NCAA chooses sites in Greensboro, Raleigh and Cary for future championships


North Carolina was chosen Tuesday to host NCAA championship events — two weeks after the NCAA Board of Governors reluctantly voted to consider the state’s bids.

HB2 partial repeal leads to changes in Department of Justice lawsuit


Organizations involved in the legal fight against controversial House Bill 2 are considering their options after the bill’s partial repeal last month.

NCAA awards North Carolina championship bids following partial HB2 repeal

North Carolina is among the list of states chosen to host NCAA championship events, according to an NCAA press release Tuesday.

Bill takes aim at ACC and future boycotts of North Carolina

A new bill in the N.C. General Assembly would require UNC-system schools to leave any intercollegiate athletic association — like the Atlantic Coast Conference — if they boycott the state.

NC bill banning same-sex marriage will not advance in the General Assembly


A bill filed Tuesday in the N.C. General Assembly to ban same-sex marriage will not advance in the legislature, according to a statement by N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore.

NC bill would require UNC schools to pull out of athletic associations, like ACC, in future boycotts

Legislators in the N.C. General Assembly filed a bill Monday to respond to any future boycott by an intercollegiate athletic association — like the Atlantic Coast Conference.

White House visit uncertain for championship team, Williams says


The Tar Heels men's basketball team is still waiting on an invitation to the White House after winning the NCAA National Championship.

ACLU requests public records from potential NCAA hosts

The American Civil Liberties Union has requested the release of public records from 11 sites and public universities aiming to host NCAA championship events — in order to assess whether sites are safe and inclusive.

NC's openly LGBTQ political figures talk representation in government and HB2's partial repeal


Political figures in the North Carolina LGBTQ community met on campus Friday to discuss LGBTQ representation in government and the newly passed House Bill 142.

Federal court rules against sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace


The 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation violates federal law — marking a first federal ruling on LGBTQ discrimination.

NCAA announces it will consider NC bids for championship sites

The NCAA Board of Governors announced Tuesday that it will consider North Carolina’s bids for championship sites — after a partial repeal of HB2 became law on Friday.

During the legislative process, the NCAA said it did not lobby for any particular change.

“The Board of Governors, however, was hopeful that the state would fully repeal HB2 in order to allow the host communities to ensure a safe, healthy, discrimination-free atmosphere for the championship sites,” the NCAA Board of Governors said in a press release.

And the board remains concerned about the public perception of a moratorium on enacting or amending non-discrimination ordinances until December 2020 — which passed as a part of N.C.

Partial HB2 repeal signed into law as legislators, Cooper rush to meet NCAA deadline


Rep. Deb Butler, D-New Hanover, woke up Thursday morning to the news that legislators had begun a new deal to repeal part of House Bill 2.

Local leaders react to Thursday's partial HB2 repeal

Local leaders expressed mixed opinions following the swift passage of House Bill 142, a bipartisan bill to partially repeal House Bill 2.

Gov. Cooper signs controversial HB2 deal into law


The compromise bill to repeal House Bill 2 passed the state Senate late Wednesday morning and will soon be heard in the House, despite objections from advocates on both sides.

General Assembly to consider HB2 repeal hours before NCAA's deadline


With hours left before the NCAA pulled years of championships from North Carolina, leaders in Raleigh approached compromise.

'Let's stop shooting ourselves in the foot': HB2 to cost NC more than $3.7 billion in next 12 years


House Bill 2 will cost North Carolina more than $3.76 billion over 12 years, according to an Associated Press analysis report.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro continue to feel economic sting from HB2


One year after the passage of House Bill 2, the Chapel Hill and Orange County Visitors Bureau estimates Chapel Hill and Carrboro have lost $2.5 million in total revenue, communications director Patty Griffin said in an email

A year after its passage, HB2 continues to constrain NC residents, economy


Now a year since the passage of House Bill 2, Sen. Terry Van Duyn, D-Buncombe, said it’s getting to the point where the state doesn’t even know what it’s losing anymore.

Roy Williams speaks again on House Bill 2: ‘Guys, it’s just not right’


The UNC men’s basketball team played its first NCAA Tournament games in Greenville, S.C. — rather than in nearby Greensboro — due to House Bill 2. 

Film industry bypassing North Carolina due to HB2, lack of tax incentives

While the third season of the ABC drama "American Crime" is set in North Carolina, it was not filmed in the state.

Supreme Court sends transgender rights case back to appeals court


The U.S. Supreme Court sent a case dealing with bathroom protections back to a lower court Monday — after the Donald Trump administration rescinded protections for transgender students last month.

NAACP calls for economic boycott of North Carolina


The NAACP is calling for a full economic boycott of North Carolina to protest recent legislation pushed through by the state’s Republican-dominated General Assembly.

HB2 repeal bill draws opposition from both sides of the aisle

The N.C. General Assembly has proposed another bill aimed at repealing the controversial House Bill 2.