Sports desk staff writer Brian Keyes

My Unpopular Sports Opinion: Long live basketball (and its activist athletes)

Football is dead. Long live basketball. 

It may seem unlikely, but American football’s reign as the nation’s premier sport is coming to an end. It has gone the way of the bullfight: a barbaric thrill ride that won’t be able to survive. The evidence that shows the longer you play the sport, the more likely you are to develop serious brain injuries.

Men's basketball

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North Carolina guards Joel Berry II (2) and Kenny Williams (24) swarm Wofford guard Fletcher Magee (3) during a Dec. 20 game in the Smith Center.

Introducing UNC's "death lineup"

This is not your typical North Carolina men’s basketball team. In past seasons, UNC has won by using two bruising big men to anchor a talented backcourt. In the system, sometimes the best pass was a shot, with a Tar Heel big ready to swallow up a missed shot from a teammate and turn it into an easy two points.