Topics: Midterm Elections 2014

'Racial gerrymanders' to stand on election day


Come election day, some North Carolina voters will submit their ballots within unconstitutional districts — following a ruling early this month by a three-judge panel.

NC voters favor new ideas in presidential candidate

When it comes to the presidency, voters in North Carolina value innovation over experience — according to a recent poll by High Point University. 

Among registered N.C.

Three election wins for legal marijuana

It was a successful Election Day for supporters of recreational marijuana — it was legalized in Alaska and Oregon and will be under congressional review for the District of Columbia.

Despite polls, Thom Tillis liked his chances

Thom Tillis assured North Carolina voters on Wednesday that he’s just as tired of the constant bombardment of political ads — more than $100 million worth of them — as they are.

Few surprises in North Carolina's US House contests


Thom Tillis defeats Kay Hagan in Senate race


CHARLOTTE — North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis became one of several GOP success stories Tuesday night as he won the nation’s most expensive U.S. Senate race, defeating incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and joining the new Republican Senate majority.

GOP to gain majority in Senate

On an action-packed Election Day, Republicans rode a national wave of discontent with President Barack Obama to gain a majority in the U.S. Senate.

Sen. Kay Hagan tells supporters she's "grateful" in concession speech


GREENSBORO — The long, dogged 2014 midterm election campaign had a bitter end for incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan.

Chapel Hill incumbents take election


A trio of Chapel Hill-area Democratic incumbents — Graig Meyer, Verla Insko and Valerie Foushee — were all re-elected Tuesday night for their respective positions in the N.C. House of Representatives and Senate, according to unofficial results.

With five possible locations, some still don’t know where to vote

Today, students will vote in the midterm election, but where they should go to cast their ballots is a mystery to many.

NC Board of Elections finds 1,425 non-citizen voters

The N.C. Board of Elections has flagged 1,425 registered voters in North Carolina who likely lack citizenship status.

Kay Hagan targeted for flip-flop on Ebola

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan issued a statement on Friday calling for a travel ban on West African countries affected by Ebola and a larger coordinated effort to deal with the ongoing outbreak — and the N.C. Republican Party is accusing her of flip-flopping on the issue.

Kay Hagan, Thom Tillis face alleged ethics violations

Supporters of Sen. Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Thom Tillis are embroiled in a mudslinging fight as the two contenders in the North Carolina U.S. Senate race fend off alleged ethics violations.

Clay Aiken, Renee Ellmers square off in debate


PINEHURST — The dynamic of Monday’s televised debate between Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers and Democratic challenger Clay Aiken was clear: the congressional veteran versus the political rookie, one with an inherent reputation as a celebrity singer.

ASG talks youth voting, voter mobilization

As the first day of early voting draws closer, the UNC-system Association of Student Governments focused on strategies for student voter engagement at its monthly meeting Oct. 3-4 at UNC-Wilmington.

Social media become key campaign tool in midterm elections


Students voting in the midterm election can expect more than just a knock on the door or a message in their voicemail as candidates flood social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in an effort to engage young voters.

Hagan, Tillis spar on education

With less than five weeks until one of the closest U.S. Senate elections comes to a close, incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Speaker Thom Tillis have traded more than a few blows on education policy.