Topics: N.C. Board of Elections

The N.C. State Board of Elections is the agency in charge of the administration of the elections process and campaign finance disclosure in North Carolina. The state board is made up of five members, who are appointed by the governor.

There are 100 county boards that facilitate local elections and voter registration. The state works with the counties to make sure these elections are fair and follow the law.

19 allegations heard at hearing for SBP candidate Maurice Grier


Evidence against student body president candidate Maurice Grier was presented to the UNC Board of Elections on Friday, and a decision about his campaign will be made within 48 hours of the hearing.

Student Congress talks impeachment and freeze of student body president elections


Student Congress put a hold on impeachment proceedings against Board of Elections chairperson Paul Kushner at its Tuesday meeting. 

Gov. Pat McCrory concedes to Roy Cooper after weeks of legal battles


Incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory officially conceded to Roy Cooper Monday, after weeks of challenges to the general election results.

Margin between Cooper and McCrory widens amid concerns about Durham County vote


The race between Gov. Pat McCrory and Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Roy Cooper remains unresolved despite a growing vote margin between the two — as of Monday night, Cooper led McCrory by 9,716 votes.

NC NAACP files lawsuit claiming North Carolina suppresses voters

The N.C. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People filed a federal lawsuit Monday after the Beaufort, Moore and Cumberland County Boards of Elections cancelled voter registrations for thousands of voters they suspected had changed their residence. 

Democrats outnumber Republicans in first weekend of N.C. early voting

Early voting for the November election began in North Carolina on Thursday, and though more than 400,000 in-person votes were cast from Thursday to Sunday, this number decreased from the 2012 election, the N.C. State Board of Elections reports.

Early voting plans in five N.C. counties are contested


A group of voters, backed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign counsel, filed an emergency request in an N.C. federal court over the weekend to expand early voting.

State senator indicted following investigation of campaign fund misuse

State Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, R.-Cabarrus, was indicted Tuesday following an investigation into his use of campaign funds for private purposes.

State board of elections investigates fraud in Durham

When new voter-ID laws caused problems at the polls during North Carolina’s March 15 primaries, proponents of the laws argued that they had been enacted to protect against voter fraud.

N.C. primary season continues as state prepares for abysmal turnout

North Carolina candidates for the United States House of Representatives are expecting low voter turnout during the June 7 primary.

New map draws unexpected consequences in 2016 primaries


Less than a month before the March 15 primary elections, candidates for U.S. Congress in North Carolina have entered uncharted territory with a new district map — and are now preparing for a delayed June 7 primary date.

How to vote in Orange County

With the North Carolina presidential primary coming up, local organizations are looking for ways to ensure UNC students and faculty know how to make their vote count this year.

Student Congress has vacancies in 19 positions


As representatives for the UNC student body, Student Congress has a problem — out of 41 positions, 19 are vacant.

Midterm elections see low youth voter turnout

UNC junior Maggie Lee says there will never be an election cycle where she won’t vote.

Early voting appeal denied at App State

A final push to save Appalachian State University’s on-campus early voting site was denied at the end of August — ensuring students will have to make a 20-minute trek to an off-campus site during November’s midterm elections.

Orange County voters discuss extending early voting to Sunday

The lack of a microphone was only the first time someone complained about not being heard at the Orange County Board of Elections meeting on Tuesday.

N.C. officials mark first day of voting


The first day of early voting Thursday brought at least 53 voters and a slew of local politicians and community leaders to the lawn of North Carolina Hillel, the new on-campus early voting location.

Board of Elections chair Alex Piasecki to take office in May

UNC will soon have a new behind-the-scenes figure leading its student elections.

Friday is registration deadline for the May primary


Mark another deadline on your calendars — voter registration ends on Friday.

Study finds 765 cases of NC voter fraud in 2012 election

As people register this week to vote in May’s primary, policy analysts are debating claims of rampant voter fraud in the 2012 election.

Orange County voting site moves to N.C. Hillel

Following the Orange County Board of Elections’ inability to reach a unanimous decision on this year’s location for early voting, the North Carolina State Board of Elections voted last week  to select North Carolina Hillel as the voting site for the University community.

Board of Election explores on-campus voting options


The Orange County Board of Elections will spend the next month evaluating buildings across campus that might be suitable for its next on-campus voting site.

New on-campus voting venue not yet decided

Election officials will visit campus again next week to evaluate new options for an on-campus voting site.

On-campus voting sites considered

The Rams Head on-campus voting site is in jeopardy, and county officials are looking to the North Carolina Hillel building as a replacement.

Board of Elections meeting heats up

RALEIGH — During the State Board of Elections’ meeting Tuesday, two hotly contested issues, student voting and involvement, were decided in an overflowing boardroom.