12/4/2017 8:56pm

Q & A with retiring Orange County Election Director Tracy Reams

Orange County Elections Director Tracy Reams announced her retirement effective January 31, 2018. Reams has been the Orange County Elections Director since January 2008. Staff writer Mattias Miller talked to her about the role she played as Elections Director and her aspirations after her retirement.

10/2/2017 1:14am


NC Voting Guide 2017

The deadline to register to vote in North Carolina is 25 days before the date of an election. Persons who are not registered in a county may register to vote during the one-stop early voting period by filling out a form and bringing a photo ID, such as an N.C. driver’s license, photo ID from a government agency or other forms of documents.

2/4/2016 11:26pm

How to vote in Orange County

With the North Carolina presidential primary coming up, local organizations are looking for ways to ensure UNC students and faculty know how to make their vote count this year.

9/1/2014 4:25pm

Early voting appeal denied at App State

A final push to save Appalachian State University’s on-campus early voting site was denied at the end of August — ensuring students will have to make a 20-minute trek to an off-campus site during November’s midterm elections.

4/24/2014 4:42pm

Pete and Toby Beckman were stationed outside early voting at NC Hillel Thursday afternoon, both actively handing out voting information and forms. A retired political science professor, Pete commented that students "decide their future, if they want to be a part of it they have to show up."

N.C. officials mark first day of voting

The first day of early voting Thursday brought at least 53 voters and a slew of local politicians and community leaders to the lawn of North Carolina Hillel, the new on-campus early voting location.

4/2/2014 5:16pm

Orange County voting site moves to N.C. Hillel

Following the Orange County Board of Elections’ inability to reach a unanimous decision on this year’s location for early voting, the North Carolina State Board of Elections voted last week  to select North Carolina Hillel as the voting site for the University community.