Topics: N.C. General Assembly

The N.C. General Assembly is the legislative body for the state of North Carolina. The general assembly is made up of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative process works much like congress. A bill must be passed by both houses and is sent to the governor for approval before it becomes a law.

The general assembly has a direct effect on the University and how it runs. Every two years the assembly appropriates money for the UNC system in its biennial budget. During that time the budget for UNC-Chapel Hill is discussed and decided.

The first Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature since 1898 were elected in the November 2010 general election, and they convened in January 2011.

Charlotte Mayor celebrates National Coming Out Day at UNC School of Law

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said she did not foresee the extent the state would go to repeal a Charlotte ordinance that protected the rights of LGBTQ individuals.

Federal regulations impending for Kratom


Kratom, an herbal drug often served in tea, has become a popular alternative to pain medication — but impending federal action may place the drug under strict regulation.

Law makes biking safer in North Carolina


Thanks to a newly implemented North Carolina law, cyclists and motorists may finally have the space to settle their differences.

Lawsuit dismissed against marriage refusal law for magistrates

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against Senate Bill 2 on Sept. 20, causing an immediately filing to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Law to limit public access to police camera footage

Starting Saturday, members of the public will have to obtain a court order to access North Carolina police body and dash camera footage.

NC schools end corporal punishment in all but two counties

Physical discipline — also know as corporal punishment — was removed from Macon County schools policy this year. There are still two counties in North Carolina that allow and actively use it.

Bipartisan group redraws congressional districts in North Carolina


A bipartisan group of retired North Carolina judges is advocating for redistricting reform by proposing a new congressional district map on Monday.

NC Senate race heats up with challenger Deborah Ross

A little-known former North Carolina legislator has surged ahead in the polls over incumbent Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., for his seat in the U.S. Senate. 

North Carolina sees a decade without any executions

When Samuel Flippen was executed in the early hours of Aug. 18, 2006, by lethal injection, he locked eyes with his parents and mouthed, “I love you.”

'Racial gerrymanders' to stand on election day


Come election day, some North Carolina voters will submit their ballots within unconstitutional districts — following a ruling early this month by a three-judge panel.

N.C. policy research group releases effectiveness ratings of state legislators

State legislators learned this month graduation doesn't mean the end of the grading scale.

Proposed bill would send lowest performing schools to charter administration

North Carolina spent the fourth lowest amount of money per capita to fund its public K-12 education system of any state and Washington, D.C., in the United States in 2011-12, according to a report from the National Education Association.

UK issues travel warning for NC after HB 2, Obama calls for repeal

President Barack Obama and United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron added their names to the list of figures opposing House Bill 2 on Friday. 

Proposed body camera bill draws ire from town officials


Carrboro Board of Aldermen member Sammy Slade is concerned that a proposed bill from the N.C. General Assembly will limit accessibility to police body-worn and dashboard camera footage.

HB2 opponents protest at the N.C. Capitol

Dozens of people gathered outside the N.C. Capitol building on Monday to speak out against House Bill 2, waving signs that read, "Y'all means all," or, "This is not us."

Conservative groups protest House Bill 2

House Bill 2 was passed by a Republican legislature and signed by a Republican governor — but not all Republicans support the controversial law.

Changing demographics could impact upcoming election

Population changes in North Carolina could create instability in gerrymandered districts — at least, that’s what two UNC-system professors discussed during a press briefing hosted by the N.C. Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform.

"Damage already done," McCrory's executive order unlikely to aid re-election

When N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory issued an executive action Tuesday, he included sexual orientation and gender identity in the state’s nondiscrimination policy.

South Carolina introduces its own "bathroom bill"

A “bathroom bill” modeled after North Carolina’s House Bill 2 faced scrutiny in the South Carolina Senate Wednesday.

McCrory backtracks on parts of HB2 in executive action, bathroom provision still stands

Sexual orientation and gender identity are now included in the state's nondiscrimination policy thanks to an executive action signed by North Carolina Gov.