Topics: N.C. General Assembly

The N.C. General Assembly is the legislative body for the state of North Carolina. The general assembly is made up of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative process works much like congress. A bill must be passed by both houses and is sent to the governor for approval before it becomes a law.

The general assembly has a direct effect on the University and how it runs. Every two years the assembly appropriates money for the UNC system in its biennial budget. During that time the budget for UNC-Chapel Hill is discussed and decided.

The first Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature since 1898 were elected in the November 2010 general election, and they convened in January 2011.

With Republican majorities, Cooper enters tense political landscape


After four years of Republican control of the legislature and the governor’s mansion, Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper was inaugurated and remains at odds with legislative leaders.

Special elections, redistricting uncertain after U.S. Supreme Court order

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay to halt North Carolina’s special elections later this year, surprising N.C. legislators just before their session begins.

Part of NC House Bill 17 still on hold

A hearing to discuss the constitutionality of a part of a law affecting educational authority in North Carolina has been delayed upon a request from state officials.

NC special elections temporarily halted by US Supreme Court

North Carolina’s legislative redistricting and special elections in November are temporarily on hold — after the U.S.

McCrory challenges redistricting rulings in final days in office

As North Carolina Governor-elect Roy Cooper prepares for his first day in office, Gov. Pat McCrory has filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Supreme Court.

NC judge temporarily blocks changes to public school oversight

A superior court judge temporarily blocked the implementation of an N.C. law which transfers power away from the State Board of Education and governor — originally set to take effect Jan. 1. 

GOP abandons House Bill 2 repeal deal

The N.C. Republican Party abandoned an agreement to repeal House Bill 2 Wednesday by trying to introduce new terms to the arrangement.

Republicans in NC General Assembly propose bills aimed at limiting Cooper's power

The North Carolina General Assembly’s surprise special session continued Thursday as legislators deliberate over bills that would limit Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s powers.

NC General Assembly files bill during emergency session

The N.C. General Assembly has filed a bill for consideration during an emergency session held Wednesday.

Year in review: NC voting rights reach federal courts

A North Carolina voting law and the state's voting districts for the General Assembly were contested by federal courts over claims of racial discrimination this election year.

19 N.C. public schools to operate with charter-school-like flexibility


Beginning next school year, 19 low-performing public schools in North Carolina will operate with the flexibility usually given only to charter schools. The schools will have more freedom in determining regulations like school calendar dates and budgeting. 

With month left in office, McCrory calls for special session for General Assembly


With about a month remaining before his successor takes office, Gov. Pat McCrory is urging North Carolina state legislators to get back to Raleigh and make relief provisions for victims of Hurricane Matthew.

North Carolina to redraw gerrymandered districts for 2017 special election

A federal court ruled Tuesday that North Carolina must hold a special election in 2017 for the N.C. General Assembly after 28 districts are redrawn.

Graig Meyer meets with League of Women Voters


By Bole Stanley

Senior Writer

Graig Meyer began Monday’s meeting with the League of Women Voters of Orange, Durham and Chatham Counties by addressing the elephant in the room.

Meyer began his speech by saying although the recent election had many feeling anxious, there was much reason for optimism, and then engaging the crowd in an exercise where each person in the audience shared something they appreciated about our democracy and something they were hopeful could change.

N.C. Rep. Paul Luebke dies at 70

Paul Luebke, who represented Durham’s 30th District in the N.C. House, passed away at 70 from lymphoma on Sunday.

Charlotte Mayor celebrates National Coming Out Day at UNC School of Law

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said she did not foresee the extent the state would go to repeal a Charlotte ordinance that protected the rights of LGBTQ individuals.

Federal regulations impending for Kratom


Kratom, an herbal drug often served in tea, has become a popular alternative to pain medication — but impending federal action may place the drug under strict regulation.

Law makes biking safer in North Carolina


Thanks to a newly implemented North Carolina law, cyclists and motorists may finally have the space to settle their differences.

Lawsuit dismissed against marriage refusal law for magistrates

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against Senate Bill 2 on Sept. 20, causing an immediately filing to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Law to limit public access to police camera footage

Starting Saturday, members of the public will have to obtain a court order to access North Carolina police body and dash camera footage.