Topics: N.C. General Assembly

The N.C. General Assembly, the state’s legislature, appropriates money to the UNC system every two years in its biennial budget. A tough economic period for the state has coincided with millions in budget cuts in recent years, prompting universities to reduce their faculty, staff, course sections and class sizes. The UNC system absorbed a state funding cut of $414 million, or 15.6 percent, for the 2011-12 academic year.

The first Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature since 1898 were elected in the November 2010 general election, and they convened in January 2011.

Abortion clinic rules still in progress after a year

A year after the N.C. General Assembly passed a controversial law tightening standards for abortion clinics, both anti-abortion and pro-abortion rights activists are waiting to see exactly what these regulations will be.

Deadline passes for filing eugenics claims in NC

About 700 people have filed claims to receive compensation for being forcibly sterilized by the state — but hundreds of potential living victims could have missed last Monday’s deadline.

Legislators miss fiscal year deadline for passing state budget


To celebrate the new fiscal year Tuesday, state legislators had no finalized budget for 2014-15 and little to show for weeks of negotiations.

United Church of Christ challenges gay marriage ban

The United Church of Christ has joined the line of lawsuits against the state’s ban on gay marriage — and it is making an unconventional challenge.

Changes to incentives worry NC filmmakers

North Carolina was where UNC senior Erin Sands could see herself starting her filmmaking career.

It’s diverse, with both the Carolina coast and the Blue Ridge Mountains bordering it – but talks in the state legislature of cutting the 25 percent tax rebate on film projects is leaving Sands in limbo.

"If there aren't that many jobs here anymore, that might really affect me," she said.

Low pay harms K-12 teacher recruitment and retention


In 2000 an engineer left an annual salary of $70,000 to teach and nurture students’ passion for science.

“Fourteen years later, my pay is still not back up to where I was when I left the (research) industry,” said Raymond Thomas, now a Carrboro High School science teacher.

NC House of Representatives releases state budget proposal

With less than two weeks before the new fiscal year, the push compromise on the state budget has begun.

UNC Board of Governors will vote on out-of-state tuition rates

In a departure from precedent, last year the N.C. General Assembly bypassed the UNC-system Board of Governors and mandated steep out-of-state tuition increases for 2014-15.

Advocates challenge voting restrictions in NC


Voter turnout has increased since the last non-presidential election, but state advocacy groups want November’s general election to be exempt from voting restrictions passed last year.

Tax returns will not help hospitals

In a time of rising health care costs and lack of Medicaid expansion, new N.C. tax laws will stop state agencies from collecting patients’ tax returns in exchange for medical debts. 

Police make 11 citations, 14 arrests at Moral Mondays so far

Moral Monday participants may be willing to risk arrest, but this week the 11 protesters detained by police were given citations and released that evening.

NC state senators propose longer terms


A bill to double the length of North Carolina legislators’ terms would allow lawmakers to spend less time and money fundraising for re-elections.

NC Senate proposes no new budget cuts to UNC system

After years of budget cuts, the UNC system would see no major reductions under the N.C. Senate’s budget proposal, finalized last week.

UNC system withstands pressures from changing political landscape

In its first 37 years, the multi-campus UNC system never experienced the financial strains it has been grappling with since the 2008 recession.

Moral Monday protestors stage sit-in at NC General Assembly

At the end of this week’s Moral Monday protest, some participants were not done being heard.

NC legislators continue debate on fracking

A bill that would allow fracking for natural gas reached the N.C. House of Representatives this week — reviving a debate that dates back several legislative sessions.

N.C. Senator Gladys Robinson will introduce version of Erin's Law to General Assembly

North Carolina may enact a mandatory child abuse education curriculum — potentially joining the 13 other states with child abuse education and prevention laws. 

N.C. home to 80 counties with food deserts

Some people in North Carolina are forced to turn to the nearest corner store or fast food restaurant when hungry.

Tuition benefits for veterans to expand

Gov. Pat McCrory wants to give in-state tuition benefits to veterans attending community colleges — but it’s still up in the air if the state will extend those benefits to the UNC system.

Student protestors in Raleigh call for education reform


Students from across the Triangle greeted the attendees of a legislative task force for education with two signs Monday — one depicting a sturdy ladder and another depicting a broken ladder.