Topics: N.C. General Assembly

The N.C. General Assembly is the legislative body for the state of North Carolina. The general assembly is made up of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative process works much like congress. A bill must be passed by both houses and is sent to the governor for approval before it becomes a law.

The general assembly has a direct effect on the University and how it runs. Every two years the assembly appropriates money for the UNC system in its biennial budget. During that time the budget for UNC-Chapel Hill is discussed and decided.

The first Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature since 1898 were elected in the November 2010 general election, and they convened in January 2011.

Bill proposes concealed carry on UNC campuses

Concealed handgun permit holders would be allowed to carry handguns on UNC-system and N.C. community college campuses if a March bill passes in the General Assembly.

New bill proposes to expand craft-brewer production

The N.C. General Assembly proposed a new bill that would allow the craft beer industry to increase its production by more than double without going through a wholesale distributor.

House Bill 67, presented Feb. 9, would increase the number of barrels North Carolina brewers can make from 25,000 to 100,000 before requiring interaction with wholesale distributors. 

Small North Carolina town proposes bill to dissolve its own charter


After a vote against a local property tax in January, the rural town of Centerville, North Carolina, will likely dissolve its charter due to a lack of funding.

Film industry bypassing North Carolina due to HB2, lack of tax incentives

While the third season of the ABC drama "American Crime" is set in North Carolina, it was not filmed in the state.

Q&A with Madeline Finnegan, the single student member of the BOG


Earlier this month, the N.C. General Assembly passed a law decreasing membership of the Board of Governors from 32 to 24 by 2019.

'Economic terrorism' bill proposed in legislature

A bill introduced last Thursday by Republicans in the General Assembly would enact stricter penalties on protesters that disrupt economic activity of businesses in North Carolina.

Supreme Court sends transgender rights case back to appeals court


The U.S. Supreme Court sent a case dealing with bathroom protections back to a lower court Monday — after the Donald Trump administration rescinded protections for transgender students last month.

State legislators propose 'Brunch Bill' to allow alcohol sales before noon on Sunday

An N.C. Senate bill hopes to bring mimosas to the Sunday table — and would also allow distilleries to obtain special-event permits to give free liquor tastings at events. 

Cooper signs bill to reduce the size of UNC Board of Governors


Gov. Roy Cooper signed his first bill into law Friday. 

Republicans propose nonpartisan redistricting bill


North Carolina lawmakers have introduced a proposal to change the partisan redistricting process in the state.

NAACP calls for economic boycott of North Carolina


The NAACP is calling for a full economic boycott of North Carolina to protest recent legislation pushed through by the state’s Republican-dominated General Assembly.

Legislators propose bill defunding 'sanctuary cities'


North Carolina lawmakers are currently considering House Bill 63, which would defund immigration sanctuary cities that do not comply with federal immigration laws. 

Winner, winner, chicken… festival?

A bill proposed Feb. 14 would make Fayetteville the host of North Carolina's official fried chicken festival — though the city has yet to hold a fried chicken festival.

Cooper and Stein withdraw appeal of federal ruling on state's voter ID law


On Tuesday, N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein announced their intent to withdraw an appeal of a federal ruling that overturned the state’s voter ID law.

Bill allowing concealed firearms without license proposed in General Assembly


A bill proposed in the N.C. General Assembly would allow gun owners to carry a concealed firearm without a permit if passed.

NC Senate passes bill shrinking UNC-system Board of Governors

The North Carolina Senate passed House Bill 39 Thursday, which would shrink the membership of the UNC-system Board of Governors from 32 to 24 if signed into law.

Cooper proposes compromise on HB2 repeal


Gov. Roy Cooper announced plans to repeal House Bill 2 and crack down on crimes committed in locker rooms and bathrooms in a Tuesday press conference.

First NC wind farm to have economic benefits despite concerns from legislators


Amazon Wind Farm became the first fully operational, utility-scale wind farm in North Carolina last week — after it was declared commercially operational earlier this month.

NC representatives pose pay raise for themselves for first time in over 20 years


A group of legislators from the North Carolina General Assembly filed a bill Wednesday to increase their daily stipend while in session — a number which has not been raised for over 20 years.

HKonJ and the Moral March on Raleigh draw record number, organizers report


Black Lives Matter sign in hand and “Nasty Woman” shirt at the ready, Stephanie Freeman marched as part of Saturday’s HKonJ People’s Assembly and Moral March on Raleigh.