Topics: N.C. General Assembly

The N.C. General Assembly is the legislative body for the state of North Carolina. The general assembly is made up of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislative process works much like congress. A bill must be passed by both houses and is sent to the governor for approval before it becomes a law.

The general assembly has a direct effect on the University and how it runs. Every two years the assembly appropriates money for the UNC system in its biennial budget. During that time the budget for UNC-Chapel Hill is discussed and decided.

The first Republican majorities in both chambers of the legislature since 1898 were elected in the November 2010 general election, and they convened in January 2011.

NC defies national trend on community college affordability

Though federal lawmakers introduced legislation last week that would make two years of community college free, the N.C. Senate budget proposal increases the cost of a community college education.

Senate proposes teacher assistant cuts

Thousands of N.C. teacher assistants are uncertain of their job status come August as they await the state legislature’s final budget for the next two years.

NC House bill fights gerrymandering

The U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling June 26 captivated the public, but another court decision could revamp election processes across the nation, including in North Carolina.

Law creates alternatives to photo ID for voting

As lawsuits challenging North Carolina’s 2013 voter-ID requirement continue, a recent North Carolina law will provide an alternative for voters without photo identification in future elections.

Historical meaning of Confederate flag under examination in North Carolina


For over a century, the meaning of the Confederate battle flag has been the subject of debate in the South. 

House bill would loosen NC firearm laws


Interest groups on polar sides of the gun debate applauded a gun reform bill passed by the N.C. House of Representatives on June 17. 

Hunt Institute may lose state funding

State funding to UNC-system centers and institutes has eroded with each fiscal cycle, with a most recent cutback targeting UNC’s James B. Hunt Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy.

William B. Aycock led UNC through turbulent times


Former Chancellor William Brantley Aycock, who died Saturday at age 99, guided UNC through a tumultuous period in history. 

U.S. Supreme Court leaves appeals court ruling on ultrasound law in place

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on June 15 from North Carolina calling for the revival of a previous state law that required doctors to show and describe ultrasounds to women seeking an abortion.

Senate budget would cut law school funding by $3 million

The N.C. Senate's budget proposal would cut $3 million from the UNC School of Law's budget.

Bill would require state approval for lane reductions

The Senate passed a bill Monday that would require, if passed into law, local officials to secure the N.C. Department of Transportation's permission to create bike lanes within state roads such as Franklin Street.

NC House proposes allowing scholarship funds for online private schools

If legislators in the N.C. House of Representatives have their way, low-income North Carolina residents could soon have more options for pursuing college educations from home — though the way how has attracted some concern.

NC General Assembly clashes with governor over a bill concerning gay marriage

North Carolina government officials can now choose not to issue marriage licenses when doing so would conflict with their religious beliefs. 

House bill aims to freeze solar energy standard

A bill in the North Carolina Senate would halt solar energy growth and could deter solar farm companies from building in the state.

Indoor tanning popular despite costs


Using artificial tanning to maintain a summertime glow year-round has become a cultural norm and sign of beauty for American adolescents and adults alike in the last several decades.

N.C. House bill would loosen execution restrictions

Although 149 criminals sit on North Carolina’s death row, not one inmate in the state has been executed in nine years.

NCGA addresses body cameras

Under a bill in the N.C. state legislature, audio and video recorded by body cameras would not be considered public record.

Bill would ask Board of Governors to study fixed tuition in UNC system

UNC students might soon be able to pay the same level of tuition for all four years of school if a new N.C. General Assembly proposal continues to move forward.

Student-athlete pay bill fails in NC General Assembly

An N.C. General Assembly bill that would have required most of the state’s universities to pay student-athletes failed to pass a House of Representatives committee on Tuesday. 

A rundown of the NC General Assembly's latest bills

Possum Drop could return

The North Carolina Possum Drop tradition — which had comedian John Oliver in fits of laughter during his visit to Durham in December — might be returning this year.

A proposal making its way through the legislature would allow a live animal to be part of the Brasstown Possum Drop.