Topics: Off-campus housing

Q&A with J. Tristan Routh on leases


J. Tristan Routh is a staff attorney at Carolina Student Legal Services Inc. Daily Tar Heel staff writer Brinley Lowe spoke with him about what students should look out for when signing a lease. 

Tips for finding off-campus housing that works for you

It is the time of the year where students have to figure out where they will be living next school year. Students who choose to live off-campus have the option of either living in an apartment or in a house.

Roommate problems? There's an app for that


Roof – a new app created for better roommate communication – is changing the way roommates think about dividing household responsibilities. 

With occupancy down, housing increases efforts to keep students on campus

The number of students living on campus has hit a new low.

Fire code breach to cause Odum Village closure

After many years, age has taken its toll on Odum Village.