5/31/2018 12:37am

Newspapers come off the press to be bundled for delivery. DTH/Chris Conway

VIEWPOINTS: Inequality itself isn't the problem

THE ISSUE: Conversations on the issue of diversity within The Daily Tar Heel have been circling the office for a while, but the way to go about solving this problem remains a point of debate. Two writers for the DTH offer their opinion on the concept of a diversity quota. 

4/26/2018 8:41pm

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Farewell Column: Esse quam videri

Our state motto is Esse quam videri. To be rather than to seem. These words have been playing in my mind as I look back at my college experience.

4/24/2018 8:55pm


Farewell Column: Leaving Carolina

For those like myself who are graduating, now is a time to reflect on where we’ve been, and more importantly to look forward to where we are going. No matter where life may take us, we will all think again of Chapel Hill and — thinking — come back home.

4/24/2018 8:14pm

Silent Sam is located on McCorkle Place in Chapel Hill. 

Farewell Column: Don't Remove Silent Sam

 The consensus among the majority of people at UNC seems to be that Silent Sam should be removed. Some believe that it should be put in a museum somewhere, while some think that perhaps it should merely be disposed of.  

4/24/2018 8:11pm

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Column: Maybe we're all moving on

 And you know what? I am so happy that I am replaceable. I’m happy this place can go on without me. What a self-absorbed thing to say, as if this place needed me to make it so wonderful. Here’s to knowing what comes next will matter as much as these last four years of letting go have been.  

4/24/2018 8:10pm

Farewell Column: The eternal conversation

Like all of us, I am the product of institutions. I hope to graduate with a doctorate from UNC in communication this August. While I have been well educated in the specifics of my discipline, the most important thing I take from this place is a better way of being a human in community with others.

4/22/2018 10:08pm

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Column: UNC must not stop progressing

As we enter the final week of the spring semester, another class of seniors is beginning to wistfully reflect on UNC. As pictures of the Old Well, Bell Tower and South Building fill campus social media feed they feed a certain kind of UNC mythology, UNC as an avatar for Public Higher Education.