11/7/2017 8:42pm

Fake News!

Editorial: Dear Fake News,

You’ve had a big year. A huge year, even. And it’s culminated in this: your crowning as The Collins Word of the Year 2017.  

11/6/2017 9:38pm

Talanoa is a term commonly used in Fiji to refer to a facilitative style of discussion that involves storytelling and talking. It has been adopted informally as a theme of COP 23. DTH/Mark Ortiz

Tar Heels Talk Climate Entry Two: Fiji stresses urgency of climate change action

Today marked the beginning of the 23rd United Nations Conference of Parties (COP 23) — the annual climate negotiations — in Bonn, Germany. At COP 23, world leaders are expected to build on the groundwork and principles established in the 2015 Paris Agreement and develop roadmaps to reach its goals.  

11/6/2017 8:52pm

Editorial: Go check out a makerspace!

Makerspaces are creative areas where people can utilize a plethora of tools and knowledge to design and build whatever they want.  UNC’s makerspaces are incredible resources that are underutilized by the campus community. 

11/5/2017 11:07pm

claude smiling.JPG

Column: George W. Bush is still terrible

In response to the ongoing buffoonery of President Donald Trump, there has been a disturbing trend among liberals to attempt to rehabilitate the image of George W. Bush so that he functions as a contrast, an ahistorical example of a president who was “not as bad.” In order to make this claim, one has to deliberately ignore the still relevant aftermath of his presidency.

11/5/2017 9:57pm

Letter: Planned Parenthood helps instead of hurts

In response to the obscene and misleading protest carried out on our campus Oct. 26 by a bunch of men not affiliated with UNC, I wanted to write and say how grateful I am for the extensive and comprehensive health services Planned Parenthood offers to our community. 

11/5/2017 7:14pm

Editorial: Call 911, not Uber

In social psychology there are phenomena known as prescriptive and descriptive norms. For example, a prescriptive norm is the fact drinking alcohol is not legal until age 21 but the descriptive norm is the knowledge that every Thursday night, you will most likely find underage drinking in college towns. 

11/5/2017 7:05pm

20171106 harassment.jpg

Editorial: Have class, don’t harass

Walking down Franklin Street leaves a lot of people with fond memories. Eating out at Spicy 9, stumbling out of Sup Dogs after a late night basketball victory or celebrating the end of finals with YoPo. These lighthearted experiences, for most young women, can easily be disrupted by brief interactions of verbal harassment with strangers on that same, happy street.