11/2/2017 8:33pm

Editorial: How you like them bikes?

UNC debuted a bike share on Oct. 24, shifting up its commitment to its students and the state. The program has the potential to make a durable improvement to quality of life for those who live or work in the area, and beyond — as long as the University can steer it away from a few potholes. 

10/31/2017 8:55pm

20171027 Curriculum Illustration.jpg

Editorial: Concerns in cutting (general) education

In the past couple of weeks, the Daily Tar Heel has published explanatory articles and critical letters to the editor regarding the proposed general education curriculum changes. This board agreed that it was time to put our thoughts to paper on this update.

10/31/2017 12:58pm

Letter: New curriculum will be a train wreck

I was happy to read that faculty are voicing concerns with the draft of the New Curriculum (DTH 10/27/17).  Your story covered several problems, but there are so many more that no one story could cover them. Here are four: 

10/30/2017 8:34pm

will parker.jpg

Column: Halloween brings necessary strangeness

All festivals — even the ones that aren’t mash-ups of candy and the macabre — are weird to some degree. They all overturn the self-directed trajectories of our lives and leave us in an uncanny upside down world for a short time. 

10/26/2017 9:03pm

Column: Black studies took the blame

As of two weeks ago today, the NCAA officially cleared UNC of any violations. There will be no championships vacated, no banners taken and no (more) shame brought to our university. A six year scandal is finally coming to a close. While everything seems great in the land of the Tar Heels, we have forgotten that one defendant has been found guilty — at least in the court of opinion. While the greater institution have gotten off scot free, the reputation of the department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies has been greatly tarnished.