4/16/2018 8:04pm

Viewpoint: How much do we honestly care about privacy?

As social media grows and becomes more popular, many Americans have found themselves caught in a “Privacy Paradox.” While consumers are increasingly willing to share personal information in order to use social media for no fee, paradoxically they are more and more concerned with privacy.  

4/16/2018 12:06pm

Letter: Lessons from Palestine on Police Militarization

SJP was particularly interested in attending this specific session when we heard of a resolution presented by the Durham2Palestine coalition, which demanded that Durham City Council immediately adopt a resolution halting any police exchanges or police trainings with Israel. The public had the chance to hear from both proponents and opponents of the resolution. 

4/15/2018 9:24pm

claude smiling.JPG

Column: A shadow over Ashur

The American government doesn’t care about the Syrian people — if it did, it would be implementing programs to help refugees instead of bombing their home country.

4/15/2018 9:05pm

Kiana Cole

Farewell Column: Kiana Cole

 I plan to tell stories for the rest of my life, just like I’ve done at The Daily Tar Heel for the last four years.  

4/15/2018 8:06pm

waka flocka.jpg

Editorial: Thank you, CUAB

CUAB activities can be hit-or-miss. But this year, the programs offered have been hitting what students want right on the nail. 

4/12/2018 7:34pm

chapel hill mobile home relocation illustration

Op-ed: Affordable housing requires embracing development

The displacement of the Lakeview residents is a sobering reminder that we have not done enough to provide and protect affordable housing. But the County’s response is a model for practical and effective change.

4/9/2018 7:07pm

Column: Stand by controversial opinion writers

Controversial thinkers are the mainstay of historical moments. They look at the world and find it wanting in some way. But not only do they find it wanting, they strive against the status quo. Sometimes, these people are on the wrong side of history. Other times, they are not. Either way they promote discourse and deep thought and sometimes even action. 

4/8/2018 9:44pm

Meta the cat poses for a photo.

Column: Cat for Chancellor: too cat, too UNC

In the past I have proposed that one of my cats, Ariel, be named to the Board of Governors.  An even more pressing issue has stemmed from that article; the other cat who torments me daily, Meta, is jealous of the undue attention paid to Ariel. After much consideration I have reached the conclusion that she should be named Chancellor of UNC. 

4/8/2018 8:16pm

Joyner Residence Hall is part of Carolina Housing.

Editorial: UNC may need to require on-campus housing if nothing changes

Balancing the need for luxury and affordable housing is hard enough, but Chapel Hill also has thousands of students competing with working class families for cheap housing options. In context, it is no wonder the area has challenges finding housing for everyone. 

4/5/2018 10:45pm

20171018 me too.jpg

Op-Ed: Predatory behavior continues

"I hope all of our MJ-school women and men will be prepared when the next unwarranted and unwelcome “come on” is mixed up with a professional media request."