Topics: Pedestrian Safety

According to the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, 2,200 pedestrians in N.C. are involved in police-reported crashes with motor vehicles each year, making it one of the most dangerous states in the nation. Of those 2,200, about 150 to 200 are killed, and another 500 are seriously injured.

View pedestrian crash data here:

Local artists design colorful crosswalks to improve safety in town


New colorful crosswalks designed by local artists are coming to five locations in Chapel Hill — hoping to increase pedestrian visibility.

Chapel Hill makes moves to liven up street safety with colorful crosswalks

In Chapel Hill, efforts to liven up street safety and visibility are beginning with the new addition of colorful crosswalks.

Carrboro to slow down downtown

The speed limits in downtown Carrboro are an issue to some pedestrians.

Hit and run prompts discussion of task force for senior safety

On Oct. 15, 2015, a senior pedestrian was killed in a hit and run on Homestead Road while crossing the street.

Chapel Hill aims to improve safety on Estes Drive

Concerns have been high lately when it comes to cyclist and pedestrian safety along Estes Drive. Now, the Chapel Hill Town Council must choose one of three proposed plans to increase bike and pedestrian friendliness within this area of Chapel Hill.

Slippery sidewalks leave pedestrians skating in the wake of Winter storm


As a winter storm ripped through Chapel Hill on Friday, it left streets and sidewalks covered in a mixture of snow and ice — meanwhile, efforts to clear sidewalks were, and continue to be, nonexistent.

Chapel Hill to bring art to crosswalks

Tired of plain white lines? Then get ready — some of Chapel Hill’s crosswalks are about to get artsy.

UNC re-examines night time lighting for safety

Campus will get darker earlier when daylight saving time ends Sunday, but a group of University and town leaders is getting ready to revisit the issue of night lighting on and around campus.

Chapel Hill town council member puts red light on right turns

In downtown Chapel Hill, there are chirping crosswalk noises, bike lanes and “watch for pedestrians” signs: all measures that are in place to protect town bicyclists and pedestrians.

Chapel Hill weighs better crosswalks


Even if it takes a $2 million bridge to do it, the town of Chapel Hill says its committed to improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Ghost bikes honor those killed

Tagged, chained and painted white all over, Chapel Hill’s “ghost bikes” loom over those who would otherwise overlook the presence of the town’s small cyclist community.

Chapel Hill rolls out new cyclist safety measures

Chapel Hill is taking safety precautions for cyclists and pedestrians by painting road symbols and changing crosswalk signals.

Carrboro hosts Friday Night Lights event for bike safety


As the nights grow longer post-daylight saving time, cyclists and pedestrians will be even more at risk for accidents — so, Carrboro street safety advocates are working to light the night.

Chapel Hill reduces crosswalk wait times

Many people jaywalk in Chapel Hill, but the town is making efforts to curtail that potentially dangerous behavior.

Chapel Hill asks bicyclists to brighten their ride

Bicyclists who parked their bikes in Chapel Hill Thursday probably found that their bike was tagged with a brightly colored flyer when they returned. 

Study looks at downtown Chapel Hill walkability

Two UNC researchers are trying to figure out how walkable downtown Chapel Hill is.

Pedestrian struck at intersection of Franklin and Columbia streets

A pedestrian sustained minor injuries after being hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Franklin and Columbia streets late Saturday night.

Pedestrian struck in 100 block of West Franklin Street

Between 9:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., a 24-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle in the 100 block of West Franklin Street, according to the Chapel Hill police.

The woman was crossing the road via crosswalk between University Square and Suntrust Bank when a vehicle, traveling at low speeds, hit her in the westbound lane, said