Research and Development


Town Council's discussion on Ephesus-Fordham area draws feedback from residents

The Chapel Hill Town Council knows the Ephesus-Fordham area is in need of redevelopment, it just needs help figuring out how to do it.

Whistleblower protection agency criticizes UNC


High-ranking administrators’ treatment of former UNC athletic reading specialist Mary Willingham’s research on student-athlete literacy has come under scrutiny from an outside group.

UNC, NCSU researchers make strides in solar power

As UNC and N.C. State University prepare to compete in tonight’s basketball game after the sun sets, researchers at both universities have come together to learn how to harness and store solar energy when the sun rises.

NC State University group accused of falsifying research

Research comprises the bulk of revenue for many universities, drawing added pressure to the researching sector — a trend that Stefan Franzen, N.C. State University professor, thinks is compromising research ethics.

UNC lags behind in monetizing its research


While remaining among the top in capturing research funding, UNC lags behind its peer universities in converting research to patents and other commercial applications.

UNC psychology professor reacts to criticism of research


Barbara Fredrickson, a UNC psychology professor, said it’s never pleasant to discover something that you’ve published is inaccurate. But after receiving criticism of a widely read paper she co-authored, Fredrickson found she had done just that.

Research funding is a priority at UNC

Research funding is considered a point of pride for the University, and some faculty are working on new ideas to keep it that way.

UNC rises in research ranking for funds spent on research and development


Students and faculty will have more opportunities to complete research projects and make breakthroughs, thanks to UNC’s new research ranking among public and private universities.

New HIV study targets latency

Thanks to UNC researchers, the HIV virus might no longer have a place to hide.

UNC running out of room for growth


In a single decade, UNC’s physical space expanded at an unprecedented rate, filling up main campus and allowing enrollment and research to grow faster than ever before.

NIH research funding budget to decline, opinions vary on effects on university research

Funding for university research is dwindling, but some researchers say it might not be a bad thing. The federal budget, approved by U.S. Congress earlier this month, cuts funding for National Institutes of Health by about 1 percent or about $260 million for the 2011 fiscal year.

Fellowship recipient advocates for increased Cherokee Internet use

With the click of a mouse, senior Kaitlyn Jongkind exposed a group of Cherokee Native Americans to the Internet, expanding their world ­— and giving them a link to modern medicine.

From ?rst-year seminar, a life’s passion

Glenn McLaurin thought his first year seminar, The Changing American Job, would be interesting — but he never expected it to lead him to his life’s passion. The class prompted McLaurin, now a junior, to become a public policy major and to pursue a research project about local economic development incentives.

Fellowships support research

Select undergraduate students forego a summer at the beach to pursue one of UNC’s multiple research opportunities.

UNC students show off undergraduate research at symposium

Junior Bethany Corbin finds honor killings fascinating. And at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research on Monday, she was able to share her passion and hard-researched thesis on the politics and minority rights issues associated with honor killings among Turkish Kurds and German Muslims.

Four University students win JNO awards to fund startups

The 2011 winners of the JNO Awards in Entrepreneurial Studies for the minor in entrepreneurship are Eric Xu, Reed Turchi, Amber Koonce and Safia Davis.

Researchers hope to reduce concussions, join cooperative

University researchers joined a national collaborative working to reduce sports-related concussions this week. The National Sports Concussion Cooperative aims to help athletes through interdisciplinary collaboration and research. The four founding organizations are the UNC Matthew Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Injury Research Center, the Matthew Gfeller Foundation, the American Football Coaches Association and Rawlings Sporting Goods.

Few asthmatic children use inhalers the correct way, uNC study shows

Fewer than 10 percent of children who have asthma use traditional inhalers correctly, according to a new University study.

UNC center to lead trials for colorectal cancer patients

The Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is slated to lead a clinical trial testing a new option for colorectal cancer patients whose illness has not subsided after first-line treatments. About 40 percent of patients whose cancers contain certain mutant genes see their illnesses progress in spite of traditional primary treatments.

Entwisle to continue research


When Barbara Entwisle was director of the Carolina Population Center, she faced more than $800,000 in cuts during her first two years at the helm.