Topics: Research and Development

HPV vaccination researched at UNC

A team of researchers at UNC are collaborating to increase the number of HPV vaccinations given to young adults across the state.

UNC makes autism research breakthrough

A group of UNC scientists are celebrating after finding a genetic link for autism.

Injury research center gets CDC grant

A UNC research center has received a maximum grant allowance of $4.5 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — a continuation of funding to conduct four studies about preventing various types of injuries.

UNC team tracks Ebola stats with website

UNC students and recent graduates worked with the Liberian government and American scholars to develop the website Ebola in Liberia, which tracks data of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

Science Cafe discusses Ebola at monthly meeting


Students, faculty and community members learned about UNC’s plan to deal with an unlikely Ebola outbreak on campus in a meeting at Top of the Hill’s Back Bar Wednesday afternoon.

Science research funding lags for local universities

Faculty members from UNC, N.C. State University and Duke University were among a small crowd who came to Research Triangle Park on Tuesday to hear Rep. David Price, D-N.C., discuss federal research funding for the sciences.

UNC researchers find genetic link to schizophrenia

A team of researchers led by a UNC professor might find new treatments for people with schizophrenia.

UNC collects $10.8 million grant for solar energy research


It took him 40 years, but Thomas Meyer is finally getting his breakthrough.

Carolina Population Center given $180 million grant

A $180 million award was given to the Carolina Population Center, a community of professionals and scholars who collaborate on understanding population issues.

UNC professor, team find historic mosaics in Israel

When Jodi Magness began the excavation of a synagogue in Huqoq, Israel, she had no idea how momentous the project would become.

UNC scientists, students map clean water across NC

Five years after the United Nations declared access to safe drinking water and sanitation a basic human right, a team of environmental scientists and student researchers from UNC began mapping access to clean water in the counties of North Carolina. 

Professors analyze media coverage of sex trafficking

UNC professors Barbara Friedman and Anne Johnston were recognized for their work on the Irina Project with the Donna Allen Award for Feminist Advocacy by the Commission on the Status of Women.

Phil Ford Foundation Distinguished Professorship of Pediatrics created at NC Children's Hospital


When former UNC basketball star Phil Ford's cousin approached him about starting a foundation, they were not initially sure what the foundation's cause would be. 

UNC math professors apply research to Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been missing since March 8, and while conspiracy theories flare on the Internet, two math professors at UNC have established why the plane is so hard to find.

Man’s life saved by defibrillator vest

A Mebane man’s life was saved thanks to the LifeVest, an external device designed to act as a precautionary defibrillator for patients with heart conditions.

Town Council's discussion on Ephesus-Fordham area draws feedback from residents

The Chapel Hill Town Council knows the Ephesus-Fordham area is in need of redevelopment, it just needs help figuring out how to do it.

Whistleblower protection agency criticizes UNC


High-ranking administrators’ treatment of former UNC athletic reading specialist Mary Willingham’s research on student-athlete literacy has come under scrutiny from an outside group.

UNC, NCSU researchers make strides in solar power

As UNC and N.C. State University prepare to compete in tonight’s basketball game after the sun sets, researchers at both universities have come together to learn how to harness and store solar energy when the sun rises.

NC State University group accused of falsifying research

Research comprises the bulk of revenue for many universities, drawing added pressure to the researching sector — a trend that Stefan Franzen, N.C. State University professor, thinks is compromising research ethics.

UNC lags behind in monetizing its research


While remaining among the top in capturing research funding, UNC lags behind its peer universities in converting research to patents and other commercial applications.