Topics: Robertson Scholars

Roberston Scholars have scholarships to study at both Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. The scholars receive money to cover full tuition, room and board and mandatory fees for four years. They also receive funding for three summers. Robertson Scholars at UNC must take five courses at Duke.

Roberston Scholars are also required to take a freshman colloquium course and complete a senior capstone course. During the second semester of sophomore year, scholarship recipients must live at their sister campus. Therefore, Roberston Scholars have full rights and privileges to both universities. 

The scholarship was started by Julian Robertson and his wife Josie in 2000 after they donated $24 million. They were inspired by their sons — one went to Duke, and another went to UNC.

Robertson bus to begin charging

For 12 years, UNC students and faculty have used the Robertson Scholars bus to travel to and from Duke University’s campus for free.

Sports Illustrated names Loren Shealy Female College Athlete of the Year


In her freshman year, North Carolina’s Loren Shealy became the school’s first student athlete to be named a Robertson Scholar. The next year, she was the second leading scorer on the 2012 NCAA Tournament runner-up field hockey team.

McCrory proposes tuition increases for out-of-staters

Georgia native Audrey Horne is afraid that she might never again walk into the dusty geology building or cheer among a sea of fervid Carolina blue fans at the Smith Center after this year.

The Robertson bus should remain free for all students

UNC students will no longer be able to travel to Durham for free. The Robertson bus, which runs between this University’s campus and Duke’s campus, will now cost $2.50 starting next semester.

Robertson bus riders will soon have to pay

Many UNC students who hop on the Robertson bus next semester expecting a free ride to Duke will have to pay up instead.

Second time’s a charm for two: Robertson takes UNC freshmen

Jordan Imbrey came to the Robertson Scholars Program later than most.
After being rejected as a high school applicant, he didn’t even apply as a freshman until a week before it was due because he didn’t know it was an option.