Topics: Saunders Hall and Building Renaming

Beyond rallies: UNC activists are finding new ways to resist


From a march that protested the decision to privatize the Student Stores to demonstrations organized by the Real Silent Sam Coalition to the walkout when Margaret Spellings was sworn in as UNC-system president, the 2015-2016 academic year was full of demonstrations.

Unofficial plaque honoring Zora Neale Hurston to be taken off Carolina Hall


A plaque honoring Zora Neale Hurston was placed outside Carolina Hall on Tuesday.

Board of Trustees discusses election results, Carolina Hall and proposed business school fee

On Thursday morning the Board of Trustees discussed post-election feelings on campus, tuition increases, reactions to the Carolina Hall exhibit and the proposed Kenan-Flagler Business School fee.

Word on the street: What are your thoughts on the new exhibit in Carolina Hall?

By Madeleine Fraley

Staff Writer

Carolina Hall revealed its new panels providing historical context for the building last week.

Carolina Hall history exhibit open to public


An exhibit in Carolina Hall displaying the history of UNC’s original decision to name the building after William Saunders and to change the title in 2015 was opened to the public Friday. 

UNC history task force reveals plans for exhibit inside Carolina Hall

The Chancellor’s Task Force on UNC-Chapel Hill History is designing an indoor exhibit to explain the history of Carolina Hall.

Hunt Institute, UNC grow closer to splitting up


The James B. Hunt Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy might be on its own soon. 

UNC Board of Trustees talks Student Stores, Carolina Hall

Winston Crisp was probably exaggerating when he told the UNC Board of Trustees University Affairs committee that he could talk for three hours about University happenings.

History task force meets, says full group will exist soon


The leaders of the task force on UNC-Chapel Hill history said Thursday they will decide on the task force's full membership soon after fall break ends.

UNC students gather for opening ceremony of 'Hurston Hall'

By Acy Jackson

Assistant University Editor

Followed by the music of Nina Simone, student activists called for the end of white supremacy on UNC’s campus. 

Students gathered on the steps of the currently named Carolina Hall to hold an opening ceremony for Hurston Hall, the name that activists have been pushing for since last year. 

Over the summer, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the building from Saunders Hall to Carolina Hall along with a 16 year moratorium on renaming historic buildings, despite activists efforts calling for the building to be named after Zora Neale Hurston. 

"'Carolina Hall' is a sugar-coating of Saunders Hall updated for the aesthetics of 21st-century white supremacy: color blindness and multicultural diversity," said the statement released by the Real Silent Sam Coalition after the decision to rename the building. 

"This isn’t justice, it’s pageantry. We named this building after Zora Neale Hurston precisely because racist and sexist admissions policies excluded her and other Black women from UNC.” 

Friday’s event began with senior June Beshea reading out the released statement. 

“We will not honor William Saunders, an architect of white supremacy.

Hurston Hall signs spark controversy

Police were responding to a complaint when they removed Hurston Hall signs from the controversially named Carolina Hall on the last day of spring semester. 

Police took down Hurston signs in graduate lounge


When geography professor Altha Cravey refused to take down a Hurston Hall sign from her Carolina Hall window at the request of University police, UNC’s administration was quick to offer a response.

Geography professor tells police she won't remove "Hurston Hall" sign


Geography professor Altha Cravey said she was shocked to see police outside her office in Carolina Hall this morning.

After renaming of Saunders Hall, activists still see their work as unfinished


After 16 years of organizing to change the name of Saunders Hall, there will be no name changes for another 16 years.

Community members react to the renaming of Saunders Hall

UNC students, alumni and professors took to Twitter to react to the renaming of Saunders Hall to Carolina Hall.

Saunders Hall renamed Carolina Hall


Saunders Hall is now Carolina Hall.

Board of Trustees votes to rename Saunders Hall to Carolina Hall, 10-3

The UNC Board of Trustees voted to rename Saunders Hall to "Carolina Hall" Thursday morning. The vote constituted one of several resolutions addressing the controversy of historical campus landmarks activists say honor white supremacy.

UNC redacts Saunders comments


The Board of Trustees received 212 comments from students about renaming Saunders Hall, but the University will not release their names.

Search faculty and staff comments on renaming Saunders Hall

Use this tool to find out what faculty and staff members said about the proposal to rename Saunders Hall.

UNC to make Saunders decision soon


Students and faculty have questioned and protested the name of Saunders Hall for years — but they might soon see an official decision from the University.

Students of color celebrate a year of heightened visibility on LDOC


On the last day of class, students with the Real Silent Sam Coalition hung a banner over Saunders Hall that read "Hurston Hall," with an image of Zora Neale Hurston in the center.

Student Congress creates Saunders Hall renaming committee

Student Congress is the latest group that will try to tackle the Saunders Hall issue next school year. 

Trustee asks faculty to give feedback on Saunders Hall


University Trustee Chuck Duckett attended Monday’s Faculty Executive Committee to inform committee members about the progress of the proposal to rename Saunders Hall.