Topics: Student body presidential election of 2017

New Student Code up for debate at student government


Student government isn’t exactly starting from scratch — but the books are being rewritten. Along with the new constitution that accompanied the arrival of the Elizabeth Adkins administration, a revised Student Code is about to take hold as well.

New split constitution plans for increased governance for graduate students


With a new student government administration comes a new constitution and a new set of rules.

Election cycle shows holes in Student Code and process


Contentiousness and controversy in the student body election this spring delayed the vote for weeks — from the original date of Feb. 14 to the first vote on March 10, which was followed by a runoff election two weeks later.

Elizabeth Adkins officially sworn in as student body president


The incoming student government officers for the 2017-18 school year were inaugurated Tuesday at the Great Hall in the Student Union.

Q&A with Student Body President-elect Elizabeth Adkins


After a prolonged election cycle, Elizabeth Adkins was declared the student body president for the 2017-18 school year on Friday. Staff writer Molly Looman spoke with Adkins, whose inauguration is set for April 4, about her plans.

Elizabeth Adkins wins student body presidential race


Elizabeth Adkins was voted the student body president for the 2017-2018 academic year on Friday night. 

Student body presidential race to continue with runoff election on Friday


Student body president elections continue with a runoff election on Friday.

Student body president elections will go to a runoff


The student body president election will proceed to a run-off between Elizabeth Adkins and Maurice Grier said chairperson of the UNC Board of Elections Paul Kushner.

SBP election held today with two candidates and several write-ins


After eight complaints, two injunctions, seven hearings and two candidate disqualifications, the student body president election will happen today, almost a month after the original election day — Feb. 14.

UNC Student Supreme Court rejects appeal

The UNC Student Supreme Court rejected an appeal, saying the plaintiff, sophomore Will Hopping, did not provide enough evidence to show the UNC Board of Elections acted with bias. 

New student body presidential election is set for March 10

Elections for student body president will be held on March 10. 

Student Congress questions recordings in SBP hearings


Student Congress members questioned UNC Board of Elections chairperson Paul Kushner on Tuesday about comments he made to student body president candidate Maurice Grier when he was unknowingly being recorded over the phone.

Grier recordings spur appeal to Student Supreme Court

Sophomore Will Hopping said evidence presented in the original hearing about student body president candidate Maurice Grier raised new concerns about the UNC Board of Elections — leading him to file an appeal with the UNC Student Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Appeal filed said Board of Elections did not hold fair hearings

Will Hopping, the sophomore who filed a complaint against student body president Maurice Grier, filed an appeal with the UNC Student Supreme Court, alleging a fair hearing was not given. 

Only SBP candidates' budgets affected by recent BOE hearing decisions


Student body presidential candidates Maurice Grier and Elizabeth Adkins are still in the running for the position, though both were awarded penalty points by the UNC Board of Elections on Sunday.

Maurice Grier campaign not disqualified, awarded four points after hearing


The UNC Board of Elections awarded the Maurice Grier for Student Body President campaign four points — reducing the campaign's maximum budget by 20 percent. 

Still in the race: Elizabeth Adkins campaign receives one point after complaint


The Adkins for Student Body President campaign was awarded one point by the UNC Board of Elections for a false start violation. 

19 allegations heard at hearing for SBP candidate Maurice Grier


Evidence against student body president candidate Maurice Grier was presented to the UNC Board of Elections on Friday, and a decision about his campaign will be made within 48 hours of the hearing.

Board of Elections holds hearing for complaint against Elizabeth Adkins


On Friday, the UNC Board of Elections held a hearing for student body presidential candidate Elizabeth Adkins in regard to the complaints filed by junior Ian Muriuki.

Referendum to split student government passes


The referendum concerning the split between undergraduate, and graduate and professional student governments was approved on Thursday March 2 after a campus-wide vote.