Topics: Sexual Assault Task Force

The Sexual Assault Task Force was created in 2013. Its 21 members met regularly to discuss the way that the University handles student on student reports of discrimination, harassment, stalking and interpersonal violence. The task force was led by the director of the Carolina Women’s Center, Christi Hurt and was made up of students, faculty and staff. They released the revised policy on sexual violence on August 28, 2014. 

UNC's handling of sexual assault: a process of change and correction

In 1972, with the implementation of Title IX, universities were tasked with a new and daunting responsibility — addressing and adjudicating cases of gender-based violence.

Former undergrad and law student comes back to Chapel Hill as interim Title IX coordinator

The University of Alabama’s former Title IX coordinator has returned to Chapel Hill to take the same position at her alma mater.

UNC community has mixed opinions on sexual assault modules

As someone actively involved in preventing sexual harassment on campus, junior Nabil Lachgar was disappointed when he realized the ease with which students could complete UNC’s newly required sexual assault training modules.

UNC's new policy explains sanctions for sexual assault


UNC students have never been told what “yes” is.

Sexual assault policy not yet updated

Today students will have classes and assignments — but still no updated sexual assault policy.

US Senate releases survey, finds weak sexual assault policies on college campuses

On the heels of a national push to address sexual violence on college campuses, UNC is set to implement its new sexual assault policy for the fall semester.

Students notified of sexual violence module

Beginning this year, students, faculty and staff will be required to complete an online training program regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Title IX covers transgender students

The conversation surrounding Title IX has been constantly evolving on college campuses around the country, with the latest change formally including transgender people.

Sexual Assault Task Force votes on policy draft

Back in the Friday Center, where it all started.

Sexual assault task force says it’s close to conclusion

More than a year after the University was accused of mishandling sexual assault, students are still without a revised sexual assault policy.

Federal officials visiting NC Central, other campuses to address sexual assault

When top officials from the Obama administration tour the country to raise awareness of campus sexual assault, North Carolina is the first stop on the list.

New draft of UNC's sexual assault policy criticized by task force

The Sexual Assault Task Force met Wednesday to revise the most recent draft of the University’s new sexual assault policy.

Assault sanction talks progress, task force suggests punishments be open-ended

UNC’s Sexual Assault Task Force is moving forward in deciding the types of punishments to give offenders.

Sexual assault task force talks sanctions

As members of the Sexual Assault Task Force begin their discussion of sanctioning — the latest phase of policy reconstruction — they’ve amped up their meeting frequency.

DPS adapts to UNC sexual assault reforms

When it comes to reforming sexual assault policies, UNC’s department of public safety is linked to every party involved.

Sexual assault task force reconvenes


Under UNC’s current sexual assault policy, “consent” is defined in four sentences. But UNC’s Sexual Assault Task Force’s current draft of the policy has defined the term in 14 sentences. The task force hopes the changes will make the policy specific enough that survivors of sexual assault won’t have to research terms and definitons on their own.

System rolls out security review

Leaders across the UNC system gathered Tuesday to launch a systemwide campus security review — an initiative that will zero in on student alcohol and drug use and sexual assault reporting.

Lambden prioritizes representing student interests

Student Body President Christy Lambden said representing student interests is always on his mind — even if that means he has to go up against an administrator.

Student Congress gears up for upcoming school year

At the second Student Congress meeting of the summer Tuesday, Student Body President Christy Lambden announced one step being taken to address the University’s handling of sexual assault cases.

Duke to increase sanction on assault cases

As UNC’s handling of sexual assault cases continues to be examined, Duke University has taken steps to toughen its own sanctioning in such cases — naming expulsion as the recommended punishment for perpetrators.

Sexual Assault Task Force holds 7 hour meeting

Handwritten lists on sticky notes and large sheets of paper plastered the walls during the Sexual Assault Task Force’s meeting Wednesday.

Top equity officer Ann Penn announces retirement

After spending 30 years helping collegiate institutions comply with federal requirements, Ann Penn will retire at the end of July.

Task force debates definition of sexual assault

The University’s Sexual Assault Task Force is taking a measured approach as it attempts to bring clarity and accessibility to UNC’s Honor Code — but qualms about the power dynamics of the group have been raised.