6/29/2017 7:40pm

Allen Artis stands with his lawyer, Kerry Sutton, and her law partner Stephen Lindsay next to a photo of Delaney Robinson at his press conference on June 29.

Allen Artis' case dismissed

UNC football player Allen Artis, who was suspended from the football team after he was charged with a misdemeanor assault on a female and sexual battery, had his case dismissed on Thursday. 

5/17/2017 12:31am

Sammie Espada, a junior women's and gender studies and political science double major, reads out grievances addressed to the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office as protesters watch on.

Can campuses handle sexual assault cases?

Any UNC student you stop on the street can give you directions to anywhere on campus and name the basketball starting lineup, but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who knows the history of sexual assault on their campus. “I’m honestly not aware of any sexual assault stories related to UNC,” said junior Irene Zhu.

5/17/2017 12:06am

Pino (left) and Clark in Los Angeles, in front of the map they use to keep track of their work. Photo courtesy of Jeff Lipsky. 

Survivors work to prevent assault, help others

A woman sits in her dorm, cradling her head in her hands. There are no more tears, just frustration. Her body hurts. Her head pounds. She hears the sound of other people who are getting back from their night out on Franklin Street, but is numb to it. Even with the sights and sounds of people close to her, she feels alone.