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Students explain legal push to remove Silent Sam


Citing Titles IV and VI of the Civil Rights Act, students and faculty from UNC signed onto a letter threatening a lawsuit if the University did not take down Silent Sam. The letter was sent by lawyer Hampton Dellinger to UNC Systems President Margaret Spellings and Chancellor Carol Folt. 

Lawsuit threatened if Silent Sam is not removed


Representatives of UNC Student Organizations and a lawyer representing the UNC Black Law Students Association sent a letter to Chancellor Carol Folt, UNC President Margaret Spellings, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Governors saying they will sue the University if they do not act on Silent Sam. 

Top four takeaways from the Faculty Council's first meeting


 The Faculty Council members met for the first time this school year Friday, tackling topics like Silent Sam and the Center for Civil Rights. 

Students, faculty and community members march in anticipation of Center for Civil Rights BOG vote


Students, University faculty and community members gathered Thursday to protest the potential Board of Governors decision to stop the UNC Center for Civil Rights from litigating.

Young Democrats open conversation on Silent Sam


 When the UNC Young Democrats hosted a discussion Wednesday night on the recent tensions regarding Silent Sam, American studies professor Michelle Robinson did not mince her words.

Students continue to make noise about Silent Sam


“If we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace,” was the chant ringing out from a crowd of protesters gathered on the steps of the South Building early Wednesday afternoon. Carrying drums, pots, party favors, whistles and homemade shakers the protesters were part of the most recent effort to get the University to remove Silent Sam from its spot in McCorkle Place.

Silent Sam raises questions about free speech on campus


For Campus Y Co-President Alexander Peeples, the recent push to remove Silent Sam has shown more than the power of unification; it has shown a university that is unwilling to represent the voice of the community. 

Chamber of Commerce calls for removal of Silent Sam


The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce released a statement on Aug. 28 that supported the recent requests for the removal of UNC’s confederate soldier statue, Silent Sam, and apologized for their past support of segregation before the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964. 

The Community Issue: Staff, faculty and community members

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For our Labor Day edition and in light of recent events on campus concerning Silent Sam, we've dedicated most of our print edition for Sept. 4 to publishing the many letters we've received concerning the Confederate monument.

Q&A with Esther Lederman, Holocaust survivor and author


Esther Lederman is a 93-year-old Chapel Hill resident, Holocaust survivor and author of "Hiding for our Lives." Senior Writer Erik Beene talked with her about her thoughts on the in Chapel Hill Silent Sam protests and other recent events.

'It's just flat out wrong': Students and faculty protest BOG litigation ban and Silent Sam



Students donned orange in the Pit Thursday to protest the possible closing of the Center for Civil Rights. 

Signs and student belongings removed from in front of Silent Sam


The UNC Department of Public Safety removed signs and  belongings of the Students of Silent Sam at around 9:20 a.m. on Thursday, as the group responded with chants of “this is what democracy looks like.” 

Chapel Hill Public Library hosted panel about confederate statues and free speech


The Chapel Hill Public Library hosted a panel to discuss Silent Sam, the purpose of Confederate monuments and free speech on Wednesday night.

Town council member asks community to sponsor hateful comments in #DonateAgainstHate campaign

Chapel Hill town council member Jessica Anderson took to Facebook to express her disdain for Silent Sam after last week's protests at the monument. 

Faculty Executive Committee discuss Silent Sam solutions


Silent Sam dominated the conversation at the Faculty Executive Committee Meeting Monday afternoon, with some members calling on Chancellor Carol Folt to make a stronger statement and condemn the University’s controversial past.  

Confederate counter-protestors assemble in front of sit-in


Counter-protestors sporting confederate flags assembled on McCorkle Place in response to the Student sit-in at Silent Sam. 

The sit-in started on Aug. 22 following a large protest in opposition to the statue. 

BOT says UNC lacks legal authority to remove Silent Sam


The UNC Board of Trustees said the University does not have the legal authority to remove Silent Sam — after announcements by Gov. Roy Cooper and Chapel Hill mayor Pam Hemminger might have suggested otherwise. 

UNControllables host annual tell-all of UNC history


UNControllables brought attention to white supremacy and vandalism on Thursday with their annual event, “What UNC Doesn’t Want you to Know: Inside the University’s Dirty History of Exploitation, Scandal and Racism."

Students remain at Silent Sam statue following protests, arrests


Two individuals arrested in conjunction with Tuesday’s protest at Silent Sam appeared for their first court appearance Thursday morning at the Orange County Courthouse. 

First-year, first day, first protest

First-year Alex Green decided to go to the rally at Silent Sam on his first day of classes. He wasn’t sure what to expect until he ended up in the middle of the crowd with the megaphone, and realized most people by the statue didn’t agree with him. 

Four UNC Student Organizations demand Silent Sam be taken down


Five UNC student organizations released a statement that said they were no longer asking and that "Silent Sam must come — down NOW." 

Chapel Hill residents and students react to Silent Sam rally


Hundreds of people protested for the removal of the Silent Sam statue yesterday at a rally on UNC’s McCorkle Place. Since the protest, Chapel Hill residents and UNC students have expressed a multitude of reactions. 

Loud cries denounce Silent Sam


After more than two hours of protest, those still present at Silent Sam took a seat — sitting cross-legged just feet behind a metal fence and a line of police equipped in riot gear. 

Legal issues complicate Silent Sam's removal



Silent Sam remains standing in McCorkle Place despite calls from leaders — including Gov. Roy Cooper — across the state for its removal. The Heritage Protection Act of 2015 has complicated efforts to remove the Confederate monument, which leaves the monument's fate in legal limbo.

Watch our live coverage of the Silent Sam protest


UNC's first day of class has ended with a protest in front of Silent Sam. While university officials have known about a planned rally since Monday, the cause behind the rally was unclear in a message to the campus community.