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Speeding suspect to appear in court this afternoon

The person who was speeding westbound on N.C. 54 toward Durham and then eastbound toward UNC campus Friday morning has been charged with felony speeding to elude arrest, felony hit and run, careless and reckless driving, failure to yield to a blue light and siren, resisting arrest and other misdemeanor traffic charges, according to a press release from the Chapel Hill Police Department.

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With no revisions, student congress amendments are up for second vote

Student Government is back for round two.

Though a referendum failed to pass amendments to the Student Constitution in March, these amendments were once again put up to vote in a referendum on Wednesday.

These amendments, among other things, would merge the Student Supreme Court and Board of Elections in to district courts, make the Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF) an official governing body, acknowledged in the Student Constitution; make the speaker of Student Congress and the finance committee chair eligible for a stipend and redistrict Student Congress representatives by academic year, according to Student Body President Houston Summers.

“I think that for me, one of the most important aspects of this is kind of elevating GPSF to a governing body within Student Government,” Summers said.


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