5/1/2018 7:31pm

Silent Sam, a Confederate monument on campus, was defaced with red paint on Monday afternoon.

We talked to Maya Little about protesting Silent Sam and her arrest Monday

"It affects me, and it affects a lot of people I know, and it affects my community. It affects Black students, Black faculty members and Black community members on this campus. It continues to affect them (in) the many ways in which Black people on this campus are abused, the way that Black athletes are exploited for the Tar Heel brand, the way in which our faces are plastered all over the Carolina for All Campaign when the University doesn’t want to remove a statue that is against our very existence as Black people on this campus."

4/26/2018 4:26am

Women gather to march in "Take Back the Night," a protest against male-patterned violence against women, in 2015.

Students march to raise awareness of sexual assault

To empower survivors of rape and sexual assault, the Student Safety and Wellness Committee of the Undergraduate Student Government Executive Branch hosted a Take Back the Night march on Wednesday evening. Around 20 students marched across campus and Franklin Street to bring awareness to the sexual violence against women, men and non-binary individuals by men.

4/25/2018 7:48pm

The women's bathroom in the Union on campus. 

Wondering where to take your next bathroom break? The DTH has an answer!

It is a well-known fact that campus is home to some shitty bathrooms (no pun intended). Long study sessions in Davis Library are not made any easier by bathrooms with missing or broken stall doors, faucets that blast you with jets of water and overflowing trashcans.  That said there are some great bathrooms on campus. This guide should help you find them by pointing out a few of the best. Just a reminder that these views are my own and do not represent those of The Daily Tar Heel. 

4/24/2018 8:38pm

Jennifer Kelly and her team in Puerto Rico pose with Puerto Rican flag. They arrived in Puerto Rico to provide medical assistance and set up a clinic. Photo courtesy of Kelly.

How to heal when disaster strikes: UNC pharamacist helps Puerto Rico hurricane survivors

Jennifer Kelly, a critical care pharmacist at UNC who works in the emergency department, has combined her medical training with a passion for service. As a member of the Disaster Medical Assistance Team under the Federal Government, Kelly was able to serve communities affected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey. University Desk staff writer Brooke Bauman, sat down with her to talk about her experience.    

4/24/2018 7:51pm

The decades-long tradition of faculty gym uniforms, including laundry services and clothing storage, is coming to an end this May.

Removal of 'Fetzer Grays' signals larger issues with faculty benefits

On May 11, all clothing and basket service will cease at Fetzer Hall, bringing an end to the decades-long “Fetzer Grays” tradition. Under the current system, faculty can store their gym clothes in baskets provided by Fetzer. The gym provides faculty with exercise clothing and even washes it for them. The cessation of the service is indicative of a broader concern coming from UNC staff that the University is not supporting healthy lifestyles to the extent necessary to combat America’s increasing obesity problem.

4/24/2018 1:11am

Art students outside of South Building take turns speaking out against Chancellor Folt and the condition of Hanes Art Center on Monday. 

Folt Revolt protestors claim that Arts Everywhere initiative is not enough

“This is not about feelings. It is about the spotlight on Arts Everywhere, a hollow platitude that gives the school a façade of interest in the arts with zero actual commitment to this department," said studio art graduate student John DeKemper.  In an attempt to draw attention to the lack of funding for the UNC Department of Art, dozens of UNC students protested Monday afternoon in what they called the Carol Folt Revolt.