10/15/2017 8:08pm

Faculty Council passes DACA resolution

Friday’s Faculty Council meeting tackled student and campus enrichment, UNC’s Campaign for Carolina and a resolution supporting permanent legal status for those under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Here's what you need to know: 

10/12/2017 9:24pm

Carmen Johnson[1].png

Word on the Street: What is University Day?

Staff writer Giselle Pagunuran asked a few UNC students what they knew about University Day. Some had a little more to say than others, but if there was anything students had in common, it was the overwhelming relief of having a small – but much-needed – break from classes.

10/12/2017 9:22pm

Students silently protest for Silent Sam's removal during the 2017 University Day Speech in Memorial Hall.

Silent protest over confederate monument speaks volumes

Half an hour into the annual University Day performance, students rose from their seats and exited Memorial Hall silently. The students conducted this silent walk-out to protest the University Administration's lack of action to remove the Silent Sam statue. 

10/12/2017 8:17pm

Juhi Patel, a senior computer science major at UNC, volunteers twice a week at the Orange County Animal Services in Chapel Hill. 

Students find owning a pet is no walk in the park

Living independently in college can bring unforeseen responsibilities: dealing with landlords, utility bills, cooking and loneliness. Some students adopt a pet, thinking it will add comfort and joy to their lives.  But pets can bring on unexpected problems, something that junior Asia Chance became familiar with after adopting their dog Simba. 

10/12/2017 8:07pm

Stressed students prioritize self-care

Everyone knows college is stressful, but combine a heavy course load with obligations like working, volunteering and spending time with friends — and things get complicated.