2/19/2018 10:38pm

Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch gives a speech in Memorial Hall on Monday night as part of the 37th annual UNC Martin Luther King Jr. Keynote Lecture and Award Ceremony.

Former US Attorney General Loretta Lynch looks to the next generation for change

Former United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke at the 37th annual UNC Martin Luther King Jr. Keynote Lecture and Award Ceremony as the keynote speaker for the event.  “The message is that it falls to every generation to defend these values in their own time,” Lynch said. “The message is that the price of freedom is constant vigilance. And it does indeed fall to everyone.” 

2/19/2018 8:47pm

Members of the Faculty Executive Committee met on Feb. 19

Faculty Executive Committee debates the effects of proposed business school fee

The Kenan-Flagler Business School has proposed a fee for business majors and minors, sparking conversation. Faculty believe the long-term benefits of the proposed fee will outweigh the business school's current financial losses. The fee would allow more students to be admitted, which could address current diversity-related issues. 

2/14/2018 10:46pm

UNC senior Samantha Paisley pours coffee at The Meantime Coffee Co., which is located in the Campus Y.

The Meantime Coffee Co. is applying for tax-exempt status

"To those 50 students so far and hopefully many, many more, we are offering an opportunity not only to gain employment on campus, but to gain employment within an organization that you have say in and that you can gain hands-on entrepreneurship and experiential education in," said The Meantime's chairperson and co-founder Lauren Eaves.