Topics: Student Congress

Student Congress is the legislative branch of UNC’s Student Government. It is made up of 41 graduate and undergraduate members, who come from the 11 voting districts around campus. Members serve a one year term after winning an election in February. The speaker is the leader of Student Congress.

The primary responsibility of congress is to enact laws. One of their biggest jobs is to allocate student funds for organizations across campus. They only allocate money to organizations that are officially recognized by the University. Groups seeking money apply through congress’ website and wait for congressional approval or rejection.

Undergraduate senate passed redistricting bill

On Thursday, the Undergraduate Student Senate passed a bill that would redraw senate districting lines and discussed their plans for various initiatives they want to implement in the upcoming school year.

Undergraduate Student Government Senate confirms members to committees

At Wednesday’s Undergraduate Student Senate meeting, members discussed several proposed committees and how each member would fit into these committees.

New Student Code up for debate at student government


Student government isn’t exactly starting from scratch — but the books are being rewritten. Along with the new constitution that accompanied the arrival of the Elizabeth Adkins administration, a revised Student Code is about to take hold as well.

Election cycle shows holes in Student Code and process


Contentiousness and controversy in the student body election this spring delayed the vote for weeks — from the original date of Feb. 14 to the first vote on March 10, which was followed by a runoff election two weeks later.

Student Congress questions recordings in SBP hearings


Student Congress members questioned UNC Board of Elections chairperson Paul Kushner on Tuesday about comments he made to student body president candidate Maurice Grier when he was unknowingly being recorded over the phone.

Student government prepares for transition after decision to split


Students voted to approve the split in student government to create a new dual structure, but the changes won’t go into place until new members of student government are sworn in on April 4.

Students will vote to approve new plan for split government in referendum


A referendum on the plan to split student government will appear on the spring general election ballot on March 2.

Student Congress talks impeachment and freeze of student body president elections


Student Congress put a hold on impeachment proceedings against Board of Elections chairperson Paul Kushner at its Tuesday meeting. 

Student Congress changes fee request system

At the first Student Congress general body meeting of the semester, representatives discussed the split between graduate and undergradute student governments and voted to change how student organizations are funded.

Student Congress, finance committee struggle with gender diversity among members


When Ivy Hardy was elected to Student Congress in 2013, she decided to join finance committee so the committee, which had about 20 members at the time, would have more than one woman on it.

Students vote to approve $10 increase in student fees

On Tuesday, students voted to approve a $10 increase in student fees. The referendum was approved, getting 68.8 percent of the vote.

Finance committee plans a more fair way to allocate funds


Student Congress’s finance committee members met Tuesday to discuss a new way to allocate funds.

Four first-years take seats on Student Congress

Rachel Augustine, a Peace, War and Defense and Mathematical Decision Sciences double major from Greensboro, was elected as a district four representative, covering Hinton James, Koury, Ehringhaus and Horton residence halls.

Student Congress elects 4 new members

Four new students were elected to Student Congress on Tuesday, Board of Elections chairperson Paul Kushner said.

Student Congress approves bank account for Muslim Student Association


Student Congress met on Tuesday night to approve a number of new appointments and grant an exception to the UNC Muslim Students Association for an external bank account. 

Student government still looking to fix problems from last year

Last year, the Graduate and Professional Student Federation tried to separate from student government.

The initial attempt was voted down in a runoff election, but it will be back on the ballot in November.

First Student Congress of the year discusses intentions

Student Congress met for the 98th session on Tuesday night and discussed plans for upcoming school year.

Student Congress granted almost $10,000 to Operation Smile


On Tuesday, Student Congress decided to grant nearly $10,000 to Operation Smile for the purpose of international student leadership conferences and mission training workshops.

Graduate student referendums did not pass, governance will remain the same

Neither the “Better Together” nor the “Two for Two” referendums passed in an instant runoff vote in the spring election, so graduate governance at UNC will remain the same for now.

Bradley Opere wins with no need for a runoff election


Junior Bradley Opere won the race for student body president with 53 percent of the overall vote.