Topics: Technology

Google moves its Chapel Hill location to Franklin Street

Google searched high and low, but a close connection to UNC’s computer science department led the company to choose a downtown location for its Chapel Hill office.

UNC professors work for Boston Marathon

The participants of last year’s Boston Marathon won’t let a terrorist attack stop them from crossing the finish line on April 21.

SUCCEED makes science ‘fun’

Sophomore Calvin Snyder did not become a biochemistry major for the work, the late nights, or tons of lab reports he has to finish — it is because he likes the experiments.

Panel meets to discuss coal divestment


The panel that met to discuss coal divestment Monday night went far beyond just a conversation of coal and discussed various methods of sustainability.

UNC leads publics in autism research

As the nation celebrates autism awareness month, this past year has seen many breakthroughs in autism research — and many have occurred on UNC’s campus.

Carolina Class Master examined by ITS

Winston Howes is at it again.

Campus safety offcials look to apps for communication


N.C. State University encourages professors to explore with clusters

Some professors are getting the chance to branch outside their classrooms and into new disciplines.

UNC students embrace changing technologies in art


Parachutes and box fans were suspended from the ceilings. Laser cutouts of animals were hanging from a fan and spinning around continuously, and the artist described them as “collaged cybernetic mythological creatures.”

Students attempt to solve modern problems with social startups

Starting a company isn’t always just about making money. More and more UNC students have recently decided to begin startups that focus on fixing modern problems in the world.

UNC alumna to bring coding education startup to Raleigh

Tech Talent South, an Atlanta-based educational startup that specializes in coding, is coming to Raleigh.

Students protest pending Keystone Pipeline construction permit in D.C.


While many college students were in the library this weekend, some found themselves attached to a White House fence.

UNC Research Day brings students, ideas together

UNC stands as one of the nation’s top research universities for faculty and students. But some of the student body might not know about the research happening all around them or how to get involved.

UNC athletic department, professors and students try out Google Glass


A video by UNC men’s basketball player Wade Moody documenting warm-ups before a game is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google Glass’ presence on campus.

Google Fiber might reach Chapel Hill

Google Fiber, a high-speed television and Internet service, could soon be coming to Chapel Hill.

UNC, NCSU researchers make strides in solar power

As UNC and N.C. State University prepare to compete in tonight’s basketball game after the sun sets, researchers at both universities have come together to learn how to harness and store solar energy when the sun rises.

Solarize Carrboro initiative aims to bring solar panels to Carrboro homes

Sunlight might soon power 100 Carrboro homes as a solar energy initiative launches, echoing similar projects across the state.

Chapel Hill has second fastest internet in the world

A recent report named Chapel Hill as the town with the second fastest Internet in the world, but some find flaws in the evaluation.

Senior Shaddi Hasan, co-founder of the Campus Y group Technology Without Borders, said that the report could be misleading.

“If the University was taken out of the picture, the data would be quite different,” he said.