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Trump declares a National Crime Victims' Rights Week


President Donald Trump proclaimed last week, April 2 to April 8, to be National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Raleigh clinic helps expunge records for minors

Under North Carolina law, some individuals whose first-time offenses were committed under the age of 18, or whose first-time offenses are more than 15-years old, are eligible to have their criminal records expunged.

Synthetic marijuana use increases in NC prisons

Prisons in North Carolina have seen a rise in the use of synthetic marijuana in the past two years. The man-made drug can be 100 times more potent than marijuana and has sent a number of inmates to the hospital.

Supreme Court case to allow challenges to juvenile sentences

North Carolina juveniles convicted of first degree murder between the years of 1994 and 2012 had one option: life in prison without parole.

Various state organizations work to improve incarcerated people’s re-entry to society

There are 56 state prisons in North Carolina and nearly 38,000 people in the system

Recidivism a familiar obstacle for law enforcement


Over the course of five years, UNC professor Feng Liu found four lost dogs on nightly walks with his wife and successfully returned them to their owners.

NC prisons short-staffed


“All inmates line up outside,” Sergeant Earvin Harrelson calls across the intercom from inside the control office.

UNC junior says members of his church attacked him for being gay


Two years ago, Matthew Fenner was beaten and choked by members of his own church. Three months ago, his mother and brother testified against him when his attackers were indicted on charges of kidnapping and assault.

North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission in jeopardy of losing resources


His mind was always on overdrive.

After 17 years of having little decision-making power over his day-to-day life, Gregory Taylor said he remembers opening the refrigerator door only to become lost in the sea of options.

Prisons offer up inmates as cheap laborers


During the day, Jimmy “Moe” Penny prepared dishes at K&W Cafeteria in a neatly pressed cook’s apron.