Topics: The Homecoming Issue 2016

Miss and Mr. UNC announced at Homecoming football game


Dani Nicholson was crowned as Miss UNC and Logan Gin as Mr. UNC before the start of the homecoming football game on Saturday.

A timeline of the past 15 years of Homecoming concerts at UNC

For the second year in a row and for multiple reasons, UNC did not have a Homecoming concert this year. Here's a look back at the past 15 years of them at UNC.

3 other UNC sports to watch this weekend

While a lot of the focus this weekend will be on the North Carolina football team as they take on Georgia Tech, three other UNC teams will also be competing in Chapel Hill over the next three days.

UNC graduates remember their favorite Chapel Hill restaurants and bars

They say you are what you eat. In college, this may be especially true. For these UNC alumni, the places where they loved to eat back in the day still stick out — whether it was 67 years ago or seven.

Watch the game at these bars and restaurants


When a ping of an email brings the news that you have not been randomly selected in the basketball lottery or a security guard tells you that the student section is full, the search for a place to watch UNC’s sporting events becomes a top priority.

Georgia Tech’s triple-option poses threat to Tar Heel defense

Returning from a bye week, the No. 21 North Carolina football team will take on Georgia Tech at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. With two sizzling offenses going head to head, it looks like a shootout is brewing.

Word on the Street: What is the most interesting thing you know about UNC?

UNC has an almost 250-year-old history filled with interesting stories and people. Staff Writer Ivy Ingle asked students: "What is the most interesting thing you know about UNC?"

UNC Grounds Services keeps campus green

All of UNC’s green grass, flower beds and shady trees are maintained by about 80 people from Grounds Services. 

King of the Hill: Hinton James


Hinton James and I were an unlikely match — when applying for first-year housing, it was my last choice. 

Tar Heel meaning evolved from derogatory to proud

UNC’s identity and symbol — the Tar Heel — originated before the University was even founded.

King of the Hill: The Campus Y


The UNC campus is consistently listed as one of the best in the nation — Forbes named it one of America’s Most Beautiful College Campuses.