Topics: UNC Athletics and Student Athletes

UNC athletes celebrate at second annual Rammy Awards


For four weeks, Jackson Simmons had been preparing for this moment. The whole night had built up to it so far, and as Simmons stepped out into the spotlight, he was ready. All he had to do was put his hands up and walk.

Student-Athletes Human Rights Project files complaint against UNC

UNC’s athletic scandal has prompted a plethora of investigations, and an outside group is hoping to get the federal government involved.

Student-athlete reform talks continue

Two UNC committees working on athletic reform met separately Tuesday to discuss and consider both University-level changes and potential reform to the NCAA.

New proposal pushes NCAA to change credit hour requirement for athletes


One of the toughest opponents student-athletes face is how to split time to devote to their schoolwork and their team.

Northwestern lawsuit fuels athletics debate at UNC, nationwide


UNC student-athletes made their voices heard at the Board of Trustees meeting last week, sharing their views on the controversy around UNC’s balance between athletics and academics.

UNC-system leaders want clarity in athletic costs

The UNC men’s basketball team might have just reached the end of its season, but financial debates on college athletics are still going strong.

Faculty Athletics Committee meets for dinner at Chancellor Folt's house


The members of UNC’s Faculty Athletics Committee raised their glasses Wednesday for a toast in the dining room of Chancellor Carol Folt’s house.

UNC student-athlete working group talks data on athletes

There’s no lack of data on student-athletes at UNC, but what administrators are struggling to do is find meaning. “Numbers in the absence of context are just marks on the page,” said Steve Farmer, vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admissions.

Officials dispute athlete reading level statistics

Mary Willingham has become the centerpiece of the latest media craze around UNC’s athletic scandal, but she says her decision to reveal her crucial academic statistics about student-athletes was inspired by a familiar figure.

Group suggests more advising for athletes

Athletes might have to make more trips to Steele Building next year. At the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group meeting Monday, faculty and administrators discussed how best to support and advise athletes.

Committee looks at athlete admissions

The conversation surrounding UNC’s athlete admissions, which has dominated faculty and administrative discussions this fall, continued Monday as leaders examined athletics policies.

Former UNC tutor charged with violating sports agent laws

Former UNC tutor Jennifer Wiley has been indicted for encouraging former North Carolina football player Greg Little to sign with an athlete agent, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Tar Heel Thursday.

Rawlings report emphasizes culture change

Hunter Rawlings acknowledges in a culture where problems with big-time athletics have plagued universities across the country, there are many reports completed — but not much reform comes out of them.

New group focuses on athletes

Jim Dean, who previously served as dean of the Kenan-Flagler Business School, hopes to use his business background to help student athletes be academically successful this year.

The board talks with Jay Smith about athletics reform

The issue of big money in college athletics, and its relationship to universities across the country, needs to be addressed. Jay Smith, a history professor, believes the University’s athletics reform group could be a catalyst for discussion and change.

Faculty bridge gap in academics, athletics


UNC athletics teams have drafted a new teammate — a faculty member who will oversee their academic advising.

UNC athletes face issues on social media

UNC students celebrated the right to free speech Tuesday — and learned why, for student athletes, that right is limited.

Coaches may receive pay hike


While broadcast rights have proven lucrative for UNC’s athletic department, its coaches’ salaries are soaking up much of that revenue.
This year’s proposed athletic budget expects $75.4 million in revenue and calls for $75.2 million in spending, with both categories climbing by $2.7 million from last year.

Athletes on social media

Monitoring social media shouldn’t stifle free speech.

Athletics a concern across the UNC system

Though UNC-Chapel Hill recently began investigating the largest academic scandal in its history, university administrators in the state and nationwide say the problem has likely been festering for some time.
Professors, administrators and athletics staff have raised concerns about the relationship between revenue sports and academics.