11/5/2017 8:27pm

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WOTS: How did you learn about sex education?

Graduate students in the Gillings School of Global Public Health created an app called "Real Talk," which uses credible sources to expose middle school students to sex education.  Staff writer Emily Galvin asked students to travel back to their awkward days of adolescence and recall how they were taught sex education. 

11/2/2017 9:47pm

Campus Health Services prepares for this year's flu season

Along with cooler temperatures and shorter days, the Fall season brings runny noses, bouts of coughing and sneezing to campus. The annual flu season is approaching, and Campus Health Services is taking steps to prepare the University for this year’s strain of flu.

8/28/2017 10:26pm

Q and A with Jean Chalachala

Jean Lambert Chalachala is a UNC alum, and graduated from Gillings School of Global Public Health and has been working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Writer Lauren Talley talked with him about his work in the DRC and his education here at UNC. 

10/7/2015 10:24pm

'Doctors for Diversity' moves toward equal health care

By Katie Rice Staff Writer  To foster conversations about student and faculty diversity, the UNC School of Medicine and the Whitehead Medical Society held their inaugural event “Doctors for Diversity” Tuesday at the Medical Biomolecular Research Building.  The event was organized by student members of the Resident Diversity Initiative and the Diversity Council.