Topics: UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions

The UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the application and acceptance of students to the University. The office also hosts and conducts tours for visitors and hopeful UNC students and parents. Find out more by visiting the official website for UNC Admissions.

Brown University plans to eliminate student loans with new initiative

Brown University launched a campaign Wednesday to eliminate loans from its financial aid packages for all current and incoming students in the next academic year.

Over 30 years later, minorities underrepresented at top US universities


Minority representation in the nation’s top universities has declined in the last 35 years despite affirmative action, according to a New York Times analysis.

Why does the fight for affirmative action continue?

Affirmative action admissions programs at universities across the country may be in jeopardy in light of a recent memo by the Donald Trump administration.

Project jumpstarts refugees' college aspirations

When senior Riley Foster first started tutoring young refugee students, she assumed she was being encouraging and reaffirming of their abilities. But when one student casually mentioned he was never going to go to college because his parents couldn’t afford it, Foster felt disheartened. 

UNC receives million dollar prize


UNC has been chosen to receive the Cooke Prize for Equity in Educational Access and will receive $1 million from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

UNC: Rich in diversity or just plain rich?


The breakdown of UNC’s incoming class doesn’t vary much year to year. The percentage of out-of-state students always hovers at around 18 percent—where it has been capped for more than three decades.

UNC sees record applications from international students


The University has experienced the highest number of international applications ever, despite the executive orders out of the White House and perceived limited international student resources.

New call center aims to welcome all new admitted UNC students

The UNC Office of Undergraduate Admissions began a new outreach program this year which aims to call admitted incoming first-years, with the goal of giving a phone call to every North Carolinian accepted in the early application phase. 

Black male enrollment at UNC hasn’t risen above 125 in a new class since 2009


For Chris Faison, the key to raising graduation and retention rates for male students of color lies in professional resources and listening to what the students themselves have to say.

UNC Visitors’ Center offers campus tours in Spanish


To make campus more accessible, the UNC Visitors’ Center has started offering their Welcome to Carolina tour in Spanish.

UNC's affirmative action lawsuit moves forward with Supreme Court ruling

UNC has been fighting a lawsuit against its affirmative action practices for two years, but a precedent-setting Supreme Court ruling from June indicates that the University’s prospects are good.

Student veteran transitions to life in college at UNC


For first-year Allen Hughes, waking up in the morning before class does not consist of a stroll to Rams Head Dining Hall for breakfast; instead, he greets his wife and walks his dogs before getting on the bus for a 30-minute ride to campus.

UNC delays early admission application deadline because of hurricane

Hurricane Matthew's recent sweep through the coast added to many students' stress of applying to colleges.

UNC system manages debt crisis, but challenges remain


As a first-generation college student, UNC first-year Eddy Fernandez had one big worry — the cost. 

Students struggle with readmission after leaving University for mental health reasons

Sophomore Nikki McCurry didn’t expect withdrawing from the University for mental health reasons to be as taxing as it was.

Please mind the NCGAP

After a vote of approval from the N.C. legislature in the fall, concerns remain over the N.C. Guaranteed Admissions Program.

Out-of-state enrollment grows out of North Carolina

Feeling budgetary constraints, many public flagship universities are increasing the number of out-of-state students, according to a recent analysis by The Washington Post.

2014 and 2015 enrollees’ data used for lawsuit against UNC

The approximately 63,000 people who applied to enroll at UNC in fall 2014 and fall 2015 received letters on Nov. 13 notifying them that portions of their applications would be used as evidence in a lawsuit against UNC.

Lack of progress in admissions lawsuit against UNC

In November 2014, a lawsuit filed against UNC and Harvard University by the Students for Fair Admissions declared UNC’s undergraduate admissions was performing racially and ethnically discriminatory policies in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

UNC deviates from statewide homeschooling trends

Homeschool students outnumber private school students for the second academic year in a row in North Carolina — now totaling a difference of 10,000 students, according to EducationNC.

UNC joins admissions coalition amid lawsuit on fair admissions

Despite an ongoing court case about the exclusion of Asian-American and white applicants, UNC announced on Tuesday it has joined a group of more than 80 universities working toward making college more accessible to low-income minority students

Facebook wizard helps younger students


Most college students pass time by Netflix-bingeing, napping or doing homework, but junior Murphy Liu has found a different way: helping the UNC community on Facebook.

Electronic transcripts now available at UNC

Ordering a transcript just got a lot quicker.

Honors Carolina looks to grow, improve offerings to meet student expectations

James Leloudis, associate dean for Honors Carolina, has seen the program grow from a small two-year program into a four-year commitment.

UNC to grant students' requests for admissions files under FERPA

College acceptance might no longer be a mystery to UNC students — the University is expected to join a national movement and release admissions files under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.