Topics: UNC School of Government

The UNC School of Government works to improve the lives of North Carolinians by studying state and local governments. It is the largest university-based local government training, advisory and research organization in the United States. It serves more than 12,000 local officials through courses, webinars and conferences each year. It was established as the Institute of Government in 1931.

Republicans take the back seat... in voter registration

 The number of voters registered as unaffiliated has surpassed the number of voters registered as Republican— making unaffiliated voters the second largest voting group in the state by about 1,000 voters.

Steins address opioid epidemic in NC


NC Attorney General Joshua Stein addressed the opioid epidemic in North Carolina at Wednesday's North Carolina Local Health Director’s Conference, held at the UNC School of Government.

Man killed by undercover officer in Charlotte


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said in a statement that 28-year-old Josue Javier Diaz exposed a handgun to an undercover officer, who then shot and killed Diaz.

Law limiting movement of sex offenders ruled unconstitutional by 4th circuit court

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling declaring a North Carolina law restricting the movement of sex offenders unconstitutional on Nov. 30.

North Carolina sees a decade without any executions

When Samuel Flippen was executed in the early hours of Aug. 18, 2006, by lethal injection, he locked eyes with his parents and mouthed, “I love you.”

Coal ash debate resurfaces in state politics, likely to take focus in upcoming elections

Nearly two years after a coal ash spill in North Carolina’s Dan River, state leaders and legislators have yet to agree on the best method for storage of the hazardous waste.

County office may be just a coin flip away

Winners of seven deadlocked North Carolina municipal elections were chosen at random last week — by flipping a coin or selecting pens of different colors.

School of Government holds leadership challenge

UNC undergraduates do not often get the opportunity to bounce their ideas off professionals and professors for real world issues and compete for $1,000 at the same time.

Whistleblowing in NY leads Judge Stuart Namm to NC


Judge Stuart Namm’s years as a whistleblower, exposing what he saw as the failings of the judicial system, were the worst seven years of his life.

UNC system not alone in reviewing out-of-state enrollment

The UNC Board of Governors might slacken a long-standing rein on admitting out-of-state students to UNC-system campuses next year, joining a nationwide debate among universities on nonresident enrollment.

Chapel Hill to make cuts using priority budget

After experiencing its first-ever deficit last year, Chapel Hill is trying a new method to allocate its $51 million 2012-2013 budget — and officials say the system will give residents more say than ever before. This is the first year the town will use priority budgeting, which adjusts department budgets individually rather than making uniform, across-the-board cuts.

Torrey will depart UNC Press this summer


When Kate Torrey became the first female director of the UNC Press in 1992, she was intimidated.

John Sanders discusses strategies for NC budget cuts


Former UNC School of Government Director John Sanders, who also helped reorganize and revise the state’s constitution in 1968, studied documents from the 1930s and reported on the state’s handling of extreme budget cuts.Sanders said legislators could use the strategies used by legislators during the Depression in determining cuts this year.

Credit union teams up with School of Government for initiatves

The UNC School of Government is teaming up with the Local Government Federal Credit Union to help economically distressed communities across the state.The credit union, which is a non-profit financial cooperative, has pledged to fund two initiatives to help local governments across North Carolina — giving $1 million to the first project and $625,000 to the other.