6/7/2017 10:04pm

NC Attorney General Joshua Stein addressed the state's opioid epidemic at a public health conference on Wednesday.

Steins address opioid epidemic in NC

NC Attorney General Joshua Stein addressed the opioid epidemic in North Carolina at Wednesday's North Carolina Local Health Director’s Conference, held at the UNC School of Government.

4/17/2012 4:25pm

Chapel Hill to make cuts using priority budget

After experiencing its first-ever deficit last year, Chapel Hill is trying a new method to allocate its $51 million 2012-2013 budget — and officials say the system will give residents more say than ever before. This is the first year the town will use priority budgeting, which adjusts department budgets individually rather than making uniform, across-the-board cuts.

3/14/2011 4:15pm

	In 1931, UNC students washed dishes in the school dining halls for 25 cents per hour during the Great Depression to help pay for tuition. Photo courtesy of The North Carolina Collection, University of North Carolina library at Chapel Hill.

John Sanders discusses strategies for NC budget cuts

Former UNC School of Government Director John Sanders, who also helped reorganize and revise the state’s constitution in 1968, studied documents from the 1930s and reported on the state’s handling of extreme budget cuts.Sanders said legislators could use the strategies used by legislators during the Depression in determining cuts this year.

2/23/2011 4:18pm

Credit union teams up with School of Government for initiatves

The UNC School of Government is teaming up with the Local Government Federal Credit Union to help economically distressed communities across the state.The credit union, which is a non-profit financial cooperative, has pledged to fund two initiatives to help local governments across North Carolina — giving $1 million to the first project and $625,000 to the other.