11/19/2017 9:23pm

Officer Pete McEwen works night shifts at the Chapel Hill Police Department. 

Midnight lunches and Chapel Hill's third shift

When Jessica Toney texts her boyfriend during her "lunch break," he's often going to sleep.  Toney, a UNC senior who works midnight shifts in a lab at the UNC Medical Center every other weekend, has her routine down to a science. After a full day of classes, she eats a large bowl of pasta and takes a nap for five hours before heading into work.   “I'm suddenly left alone in the world,” she said. “Everyone's asleep or getting back from their parties and I'm still going strong at work — sometimes I just post to my Snapchat story just to feel like I'm not alone, even though I know none of them will see it until the morning.”

3/27/2017 11:02pm

Keery Doyle (right), a first year exercise sports science and biology double major, is the president of the Roc Solid Carolina club. Along with treasurer Justin Kiser, a first year pre-business and economics double major, the club helps children with cancer. 

Roc Solid helps bring play to UNC Hospitals

Two first-years want to take advantage of having UNC Hospitals on campus. Kerry Doyle and Justin Kiser have decided to found the Roc Solid Carolina Club, an organization that provides services for children with cancer.

1/26/2016 10:29pm

New study shows N.C. hospitals banning e-cigs

A study conducted by UNC researchers found that 80 percent of all North Carolina hospitals have banned electronic cigarettes from their campuses — a finding that the researchers hope will help launch a nationwide movement.