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UNC center to lead trials for colorectal cancer patients

The Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is slated to lead a clinical trial testing a new option for colorectal cancer patients whose illness has not subsided after first-line treatments. About 40 percent of patients whose cancers contain certain mutant genes see their illnesses progress in spite of traditional primary treatments.

UNC Hospitals

UNC Hospitals is a 803-bed facility that serves more than 37,000 people in the Southeast every year. It houses the N.C. Children’s Hospital as well as the N.C. Women’s Hospital. In addition to that, the hospital offers specialized patient care services such as the Diabetes Care Center, the Rehabilitation Center, the Comprehensive Transplant Center and more. UNC houses the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, one of 40 National Cancer Institute-designated centers in the United States.

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UNC Hospitals need health care reform

UNC Hospitals is continuing to rely on health care reform as a way to reduce costs even though the legislation is being challenged and might even be repealed. The hospital has been losing millions in uncompensated care and is counting on the provision in the reform that requires everyone to be insured by 2014.

Con?ict leaves patients in lurch

A dispute concerning rising health care costs might lead to the termination of a contract between UNC Hospitals and an insurance provider early next month, leaving thousands of patients in the lurch. UNC has raised the costs of service far beyond what Aetna’s patients might be able to pay, said Walt Cherniak, spokesman for the Connecticut-based insurance agency.

WakeMed gains new allies againts UNC hospitals

A dispute between UNC Hospitals and the private WakeMed Health and Hospitals is no closer to a resolution after a late December meeting. WakeMed requested financial information regarding UNC Hospitals’ charity care expenses and its private subsidiary Rex Hospitals in November, but UNC has still not responded.

Wake hospital asks for records from UNC Healthcare

WakeMed Health and Hospitals is requesting UNC Hospitals to stop its “predatory behavior” in partnering with profitable private physicians’ practices across the state. They are also calling into question the amount of charity care UNC reports and the role of UNC-owned Rex Hospital in Wake County.

Hannah' Hope Fund raises money for researching an incurable disease

In March 2008, Lori and Matt Sames received the worst news a parent can imagine: their three-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with an incurable disease. Now, their hope lies with Steven Gray, a researcher at UNC’s Gene Therapy Center, who believes that with appropriate resources a cure is within reach. Hannah, the Sames’ youngest daughter, was diagnosed with Giant Axonal Neuropathy, or GAN, after their pediatric neurologist stumbled upon the rare disease in a medical textbook.

Hospital facility set to break ground in February

The ground breaking of a new UNC Hospitals facility in Hillsborough is planned to begin in February after the settlement of a major roadblock. Construction of the new branch’s physicians’ offices will precede that of the hospital portion of the facility, which won’t begin until as late as 2014 as a result of the settlement of an appeal, said Margaret Hauth, town of Hillsborough planning director.

	Farley Linford Bernard, 46, is one of hundreds of inmates who receive care at UNC Hospitals each year. He escaped Tuesday.

Prisoner flees UNC Hospitals and crashes a police car

A prisoner receiving medical treatment was arrested Tuesday after police say he escaped from UNC Hospitals, stole a campus police car and led officers on a high-speed pursuit. Farley Linford Bernard, 46, was arrested on Interstate 40 westbound at about 1:30 p.m. after wrecking the police cruiser near Mebane, in Alamance County.