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Column: Never hang our heads for Duke

Last Thursday, I was perusing the Duke men’s basketball schedule on its official Web site, and I noticed something that, like most things associated with the Blue Devils, really got under my skin.

The final score of their 12-point loss at Georgetown five days earlier wasn’t there.

UNC-Duke rivalry

As one of the greatest rivalries in college sports, the UNC-Duke tradition defies adequate description. The two schools, separated by only eight miles, have some of the most spirited and competitive basketball games in college athletics. An ESPN poll in 2000 ranked it as the third-greatest rivalry North American sports rivalry.

While the two universities compete in a variety of sports and other competitions, the UNC-Duke rivalry comes into full effect during basketball season. The two teams met for the first time January 24, 1920. They are scheduled to play twice during the regular season, once at UNC and once at Duke. 

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Ticket Demand High Despite Pessimism

Students are lining up for a chance at tickets to the annual UNC-Duke game at the Smith Center, even though they are pessimistic about the likelihood of a UNC win.Numbered ticket distribution bracelets were given out on Tuesday and Wednesday at Gate 5 of Kenan Stadium. Students also can get bracelets from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today.