Topics: Wilson Library

Wilson Library, located at the southern tip of Polk Place, is named for UNC librarian and University historian Louis Round Wilson. Built in 1929 for $625,000, the 546,393 square foot library houses UNC’s special collections, including the North Carolina, Manuscripts, and Rare Books collections.

T-shirts provide snapshots of student life


Students dragging themselves to 8 a.m. classes are known for dressing casually, but a lot can be learned about campus life by looking at the t-shirts they throw on. Warm spring days draw out the #GDTBATH (Good Day to be A Tar Heel) shirts in full force, and the Quad is full of students decked out in Carolina blue.

Students come together to design exhibit about Mayan heritage and history


A one-day exhibit at the Wilson Special Collections Library highlighted the shared heritage of students from two countries.

Opinion: Don't stop reading after college

Being literate can be defined two ways. Of course, being able to read is the basic definition of literacy. But literate also means having a knowledge or understanding of the readings and writings associated with a topic.

Sophomore gets published after discovering poem in Wilson Library for a class assignment


When writing a paper about an anonymous 17th century poem, sophomore Grace Towery had no idea her assignment would lead to being published in the Notes and Queries Journal in the Oxford University Press.

A day in the life of University archivist: Giving value to ignored voices


This is part of a series exploring the day-to-day lives of a University employee.

Wilson Library names new director, librarian for special collections


Maria Estorino was named the new director of the Louis Round Wilson Library and associate University librarian for special collections on Monday.

Photos of Elvis, other musicians join gallery at Wilson Library


Photographs of Elvis Presley and other musical artists can be seen in the North Carolina Collection Gallery at Wilson Library until Feb. 5. 

African-American archivist reaches a third of fundraising goal in just 10 months


Chaitra Powell, African-American collections and outreach archivist for the Southern Historical Collection, wonders what would be said if every young black man in America had been asked to record his thoughts after the death of Trayvon Martin.

Wilson Library shares ghost stories with new collection


Wilson Library is showcasing an exhibit on ghost stories and folklore in North Carolina.

Wilson Library to update the 'most beautiful room in North Carolina'

Florence Fearrington, a 1958 UNC graduate and a rare book collector, gave the largest single gift UNC Libraries has ever received.

Policy experts to debate academic freedom Monday

Academic freedom will be the topic of discussion this afternoon in Wilson Library. 

Wilson Library exhibit showcases decades of UNC fashion


"From Frock Coats to Flip-Flops: 100 Years of Fashion at Carolina" showcases 100 years of UNC history through a pair of Carolina Blue spectacles with fashion as the storyteller. 

Former UNC professor donates pop-up books


Sterling Hennis continues to affect the lives of many, even though he no longer teaches. 

Q&A with library historian Wayne Wiegand about the future and history of libraries


Wayne Wiegand, a Florida State University professor, is a world-renowned librarian historian studying the importance of libraries in the United States.

NC Digital Heritage Center expands archives with grant


Yearbooks back to the 1890s, documents detailing portions of the civil rights movement and rare photos showing the way of life in Rocky Mount in 1950 — all of these pieces of history are now becoming available online thanks to a December grant. 

Traveling artist Lonnie Holley makes art from trash


It started as a collection of tires, branches, old radios and wires. But after one session with Lonnie Holley, the pile of items was transformed into art.

Southern Folklife Collection celebrates anniversary

Unbeknownst to most on campus, a Barbie doll — still encased in her 1963 box, posing with teased blonde hair, wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pink and black leather jacket — can be found in Wilson Library, of all places.

UNC Library's Southern Folk Collection receives $100k grant

$187,082 is an oddly specific number but for the co-writers of a new grant for the UNC Library’s Southern Folk Collection it’s far from arbitrary.

Photographer Larry Schwarm captures the beauty of ?re

One may say fires are devastating, but photographer Larry Schwarm has found the spirituality in them through his photography.

Wilson Library presents lecture on Alan Lomax's journey

More than 50 years ago, one man traveled through six states on a journey to publicize the then little-known genre of folk music.