Charlie McGee


This is a photo of Mike Bryant preparing to be interviewed for a Climate Stories NC video

UNC researcher explores the real-world effects of climate change

Showing the public the threat presented by climate change takes more than explaining the science behind it. To David Salvesen, director of the Sustainable Triangle Field Site at the UNC Institute for the Environment, it takes real people talking about the real impact they’ve already experienced from it.

Q&A with John Robinson, newspaper editor turned professor

At the School of Media and Journalism, many budding journalists study in hopes of landing a spot in the world of media. Professors in the "J-school" help guide students toward a job in the turbulent world of journalism. John Robinson is a professor in the School of Media and Journalism after serving as editor of the Greensboro News & Record for 13 years. Staff Writer Charlie McGee spoke to John Robinson about his life and career change.