Claude Wilson


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Column: Municipalize the Internet

As it currently stands, the Federal Communications Commission is planning to repeal net neutrality. Net neutrality effectively prevents internet service providers from being able to slow speeds for those websites and internet users who don’t pay extra. 

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Column: George W. Bush is still terrible

In response to the ongoing buffoonery of President Donald Trump, there has been a disturbing trend among liberals to attempt to rehabilitate the image of George W. Bush so that he functions as a contrast, an ahistorical example of a president who was “not as bad.” In order to make this claim, one has to deliberately ignore the still relevant aftermath of his presidency.

Where are my "Soros-bucks?"

A popular, emerging conspiracy theory among the far- right is that protests against President Donald Trump, the alt-right, police violence, and other perceived social problems are not in fact grassroots movements coming together in reaction to issues that concern them — instead, they are part of something much more sinister.  

Column: Little white dog whistles

In polite society, the most blatant forms of discrimination are usually considered unacceptable.  No reasonable mainstream politician would call for resegregation, eugenics or internment camps. However, the clever demagogue does not have to resort to saying what they intend, nor do they have to forgo pandering to an extremist base of supporters. This is where “dog whistles” come in.

Column: But what about Venezuela, Claude?

Whenever I bring up socialism, whether in columns or in conversation, someone will inevitably butt in with the same tired point: “But what about Venezuela, Claude? Everyone in Venezuela is starving because socialism! Why didn’t you think of that?” So, with the recent expansion of sanctions imposed on the Bolivarian nation, let’s ask ourselves: what about Venezuela?