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Charlie Rose is photographed on Nov. 7, 2016 at the NYPL Library Lions Gala in New York, New York. (Erik Pendzich/Rex Shutterstock/Zuma Press/TNS)

How the #MeToo movement is affecting university awards

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many colleges, including UNC, have been navigating the decision of whether to revoke honors and awards given to prominent figures accused of sexual misconduct -- from TV host Bill O'Reilly to film producer Harvey Weinstein. 

Variety of philosophy textbooks available in the Davis Library.

Are UNC's syllabi excluding underrepresented groups?

"If you do have a diverse syllabus, then I've noticed, in fact, students feel more emboldened to speak and to contribute, and they feel like whatever we're calling culture is something they're already a part of," English professor María DeGuzmán said. 

Photo illustration. Navigating college party and binge drinking culture makes it difficult for students who are recovering from alcoholism.

Recovering students overcome addiction amid college drinking culture

Senior Morgan Vickers spent the night of the 2017 national championship like most other UNC students: she watched the game, rushed Franklin Street and took pictures with her friends. But unlike the intoxicated crowd around her, Vickers went home once Franklin Street began to clear, choosing to walk away from the growing party scene. 

Satish Gopal
provided by Satish Gopal for Winter Commencement speech story 

Dr. Satish Gopal chosen as speaker for winter commencement

Twenty years after his graduation from UNC, Dr. Satish Gopal will return to campus as the 2017 winter commencement speaker.  Gopal lives in Malawi as the cancer program director for UNC Project-Malawi, a medical initiative to improve the nation’s healthcare system. He said being the winter commencement speaker is an honor and a way for him to reflect on the many opportunities UNC has given him.

Scott Jacobson, UNC alum, is a writer for "Bob's Burgers" and has won multiple Emmys for his comedy writing. Photo courtesy of Scott Jacobson.

Q&A with UNC graduate and "Bob's Burgers" writer, Scott Jacobson

UNC graduate Scott Jacobson is a writer and co-executive producer of "Bob's Burgers." He also previously wrote for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and has won six Emmys for his work in comedy writing.  Staff writer Eva Ellenburg spoke with Jacobson about his journey to success in the comedy writing industry.