Evana Bodiker


Column: Help me to see, help me to learn

We are all learning. As young people, we possess some of the greatest awareness when it comes to social justice issues. Like everyone else, there have been times when I was unaware of larger narratives. People have called me out for it; sometimes graciously and sometimes not as much. 

Evana Bodiker

Column: My UNC bucket list

This column will be published on the last day of class. When Tyler, the opinion editor, told me I could write a column for today, I obviously thought a long time about what would be the most appropriate. 

Evana Bodiker

Column: Almost, kind of growing up

My favorite TV show is ending. “Girls,” the often controversial and critiqued HBO series, is ending. While the mourning period hasn’t yet hit me, my friends and I can still bemoan the ridiculous choices the characters in the show make.

Evana Bodiker

Column: Cats, books, soon a memory

If you haven’t seen the romantic comedy classic “You’ve Got Mail,” you haven’t really lived. I started to think about this movie quite often because, at its heart, it’s about bookstores. 


Perspective: Sexist Superhero Standoff

My dad took me to see “Spider-Man” the first week of its release in 2002. I walked out of the theater feeling a little dazed; my seven-year-old self had never seen that much action, apart from the minuscule amount in films like “Mulan” and “Hercules.” It was exciting, adventurous and seemed so real. I wanted to see the movie again, because it was that movie that made me decide I was a comic book film fan.