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Giselle Pagunuran


APIAutumn workshop highlights Asian-American history

The workshop, titled “No History, No Self; Know History, Know Self,” is the first of seventeen events that are scheduled to take place every week until November 18. APIAutumn is a month-long series of events hosted by several cultural and general interest organizations, including Carolina Union Activities Board, Black Student Movement, and Asian Student Association. Choi’s goal for the workshop was to increase awareness of Asian-American history and help Asian-American students gain a better understanding of their identities.

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Word on the Street: What is University Day?

Staff writer Giselle Pagunuran asked a few UNC students what they knew about University Day. Some had a little more to say than others, but if there was anything students had in common, it was the overwhelming relief of having a small – but much-needed – break from classes.